Privacy Policy

In the process of providing products and services (“Services”) to Customers, We (BAP Technology and Investment Joint Stock Company) may access Customer’s Personal Information (“Information”). information”) such as name, contact information, identification number. We understand that ownership of this Information belongs to Customer, and We respect Customer’s privacy and security requirements with respect to such Information. 

We therefore issue and implement an Information Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to establish and maintain high standards for the collection and use of Information. This Policy will detail the Information We collect, the purposes for which the Information is to be used, and the methods for keeping it safe.


1.1. The Information Collected 

We collect various types of Information in connection with the Services including: 

  • Information Customers provide directly to Us during the process of setting up and registering for the Service;
  • Information during the Customer’s use of the Service;
  • Other Information We collect from affiliated parties’ sources.

1.2. Principles of collection 

By using the Service, Customer agrees that We may collect and store Customer Information. We undertake to collect only the minimum and necessary amount of Information for the purposes set out in Section 2 of this Policy.


2.1. Purpose of using Information 

Information used by Us for the purpose of providing Services to Customers, including: 

  • Manage and grant the right to use the Service; Send notice to Customer in case of changes to the Service;
  • Send notices inviting Customers to register for product upgrade or service renewal when the Service usage period is about to expire;
  • Carry out care and support activities before, during and after sales;
  • Communicating and resolving complaints.

In addition, to the extent permitted by law, We may also use this Information to better understand the needs and evaluations of Customers, thereby researching and developing new products and introducing them to customers. customers promotions that may be of interest to customers. The use of Information other than the above purposes will only be done by Us on the basis of the consent of the Customer. 

2.2. Update, modify, delete Information 

Depending on the request of the Customer from time to time, We update, modify and delete the stored Information. However, the deletion, change, restriction or termination of the right to process Information may result in changes or restrictions on the use of the relevant Services that We provide to Customers. 

2.3. Transfer Information to third parties 

We may pass Information to Our affiliates and subcontractors. At that time, We commit to transfer the Information to the above-mentioned third parties only for the purposes specified in Section 2 of this Policy and the third party receiving the Information provided by us is required to sign security commitment Information, the content of the commitment to comply with the provisions of this Policy.


3.1. Protection method 

We establish and maintain an internal network information security and safety system in order to minimize the impact, loss, disclosure, unauthorized access or use of Information in the process of processing Information. . At the same time, We develop a response plan and the ability to restore information systems in case of unexpected incidents. Accordingly, our Information Storage Center meets international standards and certificates for quality and information security, including: 

  • Quality Management System Standards – ISO 9001:2015;
  • ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System Standard;

3.2. Notify 

  • In the event of a breach or loss of information security, we will immediately notify the Information subject and the competent state agency in order to minimize the possible loss and damage.


Our commitment under this Policy does not apply in the event that the use and disclosure of Information is for the purpose of complying with relevant laws and legal requirements of competent state agencies, in support of activities to ensure national security, or protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Client. In case of using and disclosing Information for the above purposes, We will immediately notify the Customer. At the same time, We guarantee that the use and disclosure of Information will be carried out in a confidential manner.


  • This policy is construed and governed by the laws of Vietnam.
  • This policy takes effect from January 1, 2022, and may be updated and changed by us from time to time.