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Continuing the series of residual echoes left in the brotherhood of Hue, BAP Da Nang bridgehead has also recorded beautiful moments for Year End Party 2022 🥰
🥳 The party night ended with a lot of things left, sharing about the new direction in 2023 from the BOD, the sublime moments when my name and the team members were honored, the emotions bursting. Explosion, surprise with many gifts. Or “handshake” with representatives from BAP Japan visiting BAP Da Nang.

Let’s look back at the year-end moments together YEP 2022 – Year of Blooming of BAP Da Nang 💖

Dance the night away Small talk Trò chuyện Cheer Cute moment Inspire talk Lets cheers Capture Moment BAP Heads Smile Smiles BAP BAP cheer Mr. BAPers lets cheers Behind the scene BTC đáng yêu Cheer!!! Moment together BAPers trổ tài BAPer nhí BAPers phát biểu Lets cheer!! Moment DJ

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