Crypto Management Wallet App

React Native

Challenges: Many businesses are getting difficult in developing a cryptocurrency platform, simply because there are no technological consultants for their own products. Keep calm, BAP is here to give businesses a helping hand, as we have built various successful platforms such as Crypto Management App.

Solutions: Our customers have applied a successful Crypto Management App, since they selected us as an offshoring partner. About app’s functions, users can connect with 15 API of Crypto Exchange, or they are able to use auto trading feature for selling and buying. Furthermore, when users access the app, the display chart will indicate in front of their eyes in order that they can watch the chart’s indexes immediately. Now, users can install on Google Play and experience anytime they want.

This is just one of successful Cryptocurrency platforms from BAP, we have ability to provide more technologies including AI, Blockchain, Big Data, ERP,… for businesses’ projects. Our engineers will help businesses which get more successful from giving ideas to making it into final products. Moreover, they also have working experience in Japanese’s companies, this is the major advantage for Japaneses’ businesses to collab with us.

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