(English) Seminar “Learning by Doing”

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Yesterday, The Operating Director Nguyen Vo Quang Dong had a sharing meeting with BAPers in Danang office.

This is the first sharing workshop held after covid-19 pandemic. This activity is organized with the aim of uniting BAPers, sharing good knowledge and skills and then helping them to develop themselves in the new era. Anyone who is confident and wants to share knowledge or experience can also attend as a speaker to contribute to this activity. Da Nang is the first area where this activity will take place. Next, other locations will also hold similar activities with the same purpose that everyone can share and receive ideas that are good for BAPers to develop their skills.

BAPers Danang

The sharing session attracted a large number of BAPers Danang. All members attended with high spirits hoping that they will gain interesting things from this activity.

At the beginning of the sharing session, speaker Dongnvq shared the concept of learning through practical experiences, some types of people who are easy and difficult to succeed with different inferences.

After talking about the concept, Mr. Dong also gives some methods to help people improve their thinking, self-study skills, and then develop more in their career paths.

sharing session

After sharing, everyone also asked questions very actively. The ability to express their critical thinking has been enhanced thanks to activities like this.

Hopefully these activities will develop in the not so distant future, and more interesting topics are shared so that everyone can be the speaker.

interesting sharing

Next week, Steffen Frank will be the guest coming to our office to share the topic “How to deal with western quality expectation”.

Let’s look forward to the interesting sharing to BAPers next Thursday.

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