(English) BAP – HALL OF FAME 2022

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The year 2022 of BAP has passed with many impressive achievements and developments, to achieve that success is largely thanks to the capacity and efforts of each BAPers member who has been accompanying the company. In particular, excellent individuals and teams with seniority working at the company were great honored at the last Year End Party 2022🤝

“If you want to go fast – go alone

 If you want to go far – go together”

🍀Each of us gonna go on our own journeys, but to be able to reach new heights, “unity” is always the key to that fame. Hopefully each BAPers in the future will always be with BAP “Pioneer” in the field of technology, always “Cohesive” to create a strong and stable team, always “Professional” to be able to bring high values 🤝

Once again, BAP would like to express our deep gratitude to individuals and groups who have achieved noble awards in 2022, and our sincere thanks to all BAPers and their families – the solid backs that are always by our side. Have been always beside our side, trust and support 🥰

Gratitude and Regards 💖

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