(English) We keep BAPers in safety during Corona epidemic

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At the end of 2019, we often heard news about a strange disease that was outbreaks in Wuhan, China named Coronavirus. At that time, almost everyone was subjective, WHO even just recognised coronavirus as a pandemic on 11 March 2020. The number of people infected and dead has reached over hundreds of thousands. We even can call this year the year of coronavirus pandemic.


Though, we have to say that the Vietnam government was doing well. They have acted swiftly to suspend flights, shut schools and quarantine new arrivals, ect. 

But the world is still in a not-safety situation and we can not be subjective. At BAP, we always update the general situation of the country and care about staff’s health. We declared the remote policy for the staff to work from home, and establish a coronavirus prevention team at the beginning of 2020.

work from home

For remoting staff, Leaders and Division Managers have to make sure that the working remote status of their employees has been updated on time day by day.

For others who still work at the office, coronavirus prevention team has prepared and:

  • Published Coronavirus Posters, opened helpful corona prevent tips video and also corona music at the office to improve employees’ awareness of epidemic prevention
  • Prepared washing gel on every shelf in the office and front of front doors.
  • Reminded employees to wear face mask
  • Reminded employees to keep their distance
  • Especially, we always check employees’ temperature before they enter the office

washing gel

3 weeks ago, the government announced the social distancing policy. Aware of the urgency and necessity of the situation, BAP had announced the remote working policy for all the staff.

Whereby, 60% of the staff will work from home, the others will work at the office but need to keep the standard distance and always wear face medical masks.

At the moment, Vietnamese people were acting socially distant 2 weeks and 1 more weeks with the high-risk location. And now the coronavirus in Vietnam has been controlled well.

BAP staff started to come back to the office this Monday and we did check staff temperature for the last time to make sure they’re all good before entering the office. It’s great to see everyone’s good, no one is sick, everyone is in good health and we’re happy to meet the co-workers.

we keep baper in safety

On the other side, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam Duc Dam VU said: “Please don’t forget that we just win in each battle, each campaign. We still haven’t won the whole battle at all”.

Hundreds of thousands people in the world lost their jobs due to this pandemic. They even don’t have enough money to pay for the rent, bills, ect. But we’re lucky as e we still have a job, still get full payment from Bap company, right?

That’s why, we are in good mood but do not neglect. We have to keep ourself healthy, we must have sense of responsibility with community to protect ourself, our friends, our family as well as people around us.

reminded employeestay home

Last, we want to give:

  • A big thanks to Vietnam government especially Mr. Duc Dam VU and Vietnam Ministry of Health who tirelessly work to control the spread of the virus
  • A big thanks to the unsung heroes world – the doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel, soldiers of the battle against COVID-19, we, the people living in Vietnam, want you to know that we greatly recognize and appreciate your hard work to keep us safe from this new pandemic threat. Thank you for taking the risk to treat and give care to COVID-19 patients, giving us your places for quarantine.
  • A big thanks to BAP company for still giving us a job with full payment in this hard time, moreover always take care for our health by necessary actions in pandemic
  • A big thanks to you guys for trusting in Vietnam government, and realize what should do in this epidemic.

And hope that the coronas epidemic in the world will be stopped soon.

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