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In the past few days, BAP has received good news when Beat Master! – a 3D game developed by Smart Game Studio of BAP excellently ranked on the 2nd place in the US game chart with the latest update. This game is still continuing to heat up the Chart as the number of downloads continues to increase over time.

top chart beat master

Beat Master! ranked on the 2nd place in the US game chart.

Smart Game Studio from BAP – who are they and what helps Beat Master! become a “hit” the US game chart? Let’s find out with BAP.

Smart Game Studio

Smart Game Studio was formerly known as Funkoi company, then was acquired by BAP and renamed Smart Game Studio. The team has many members with up to 10 years of experience in the game industry, along with young enthusiastic members who work together on the journey to find a name in the hard and fast hyper-casual market. Although there are some differences in experiences and ways of working between members, this is the decisive factor and also the strength of the team: the combination of seasoned experience and novelty, the creation of new and young elements.

website smart game studio

BAP’s Smart Game Studio website.

team game ventures

Smart Game Studio’s members.

development game

Games developed by Smart Game Studio.

With the working motto: “Together we dream, we believe, we create”, the team has strived and worked without a break to create games that “stir up” the US market charts. Beat Master! is the biggest success of Smart Game Studio until now. Previously, Screw Factory developed by team members also reached the top 100 US games in 2019. In addition, Stack Up !!! also attracted nearly 400,000 downloads and Metal Heroes was also featured in the Play Store Highlights section, bringing in tens of thousands of organic downloads.

Become a real rapper with Beat Master!

Beat Master! is a game in the hyper-casual series – the game series is very popular on the game market today with a simple design so that even non-gamers can play it easily. This is a collaborative product between Smart Game Studio and a game publisher in the UK. This is also one of the close partners of Smart Game Studio. Beat Master! is inspired by the rap genre and the hobby of composing rap lyrics in the freestyle style of the rap fan community. From there, the designer created related themes to make diversity across levels, but still highlight the underground characteristics of rap music.

game beat master

Photos from Game Beat Master!.

To play Beat Master!, you need to pass different levels designed with diverse rules, from writing rap lyrics to compete with opponents, to arranging items of rappers, musicians, or the stage performance and daily activities of a genuine rapper. Although there are many levels with diverse rules of the game, the manipulation is designed very simply, you just need to touch-surf-drag and drop to complete the tasks. The special thing is that players will have the experience of dating female characters in the game, buying gifts to conquer her, having romantic scenarios, experiencing “chemistry” moments and many other interesting things worth trying.

Well-deserved achievement after a long hard working period

Ranking on the second place of the US Chart has proven the relentless efforts of the Smart Game Studio “warriors”. Sharing with BAP, Mr. Nguyen Ba Anh Nguyen, Head of Game Development Department shared: “Actually Beat Master! has experienced a spectacular revival before achieving the second 2 place in the US Game market. Previously, although there are some game results indicating that this is a potential project, there are still quite a lot of risk factors, so both Smart Game Studio and its partners are constantly struggling to find ways to limit risks as much as possible.”

Beat Master!’s path to success also went through many difficulties. This project has been suspended for 2 months and seems to have reached a dead end. But fortunately with the experience in the game market, especially the partner’s hyper-casual field, both parties discussed and found a new direction and revived Beat Master! As a result, the project brought great success, marking an important milestone for the cooperation of the two parties.

beat master team member

Beat Master! Team members from Smart Game Studio.

In addition, because the hyper-casual game market is characterized by rapid development, once projects have shown their potential, the team must work with great frequency. Smart Game Studio’s team also had a long time to stay up until midnight to work with their partners due to the time difference between Vietnam and the UK. During the past several months, members still have to work from 10 to 11 at night, completing the urgent stages of the project, checking for arising problems. Sometimes, the team has to stay up until 2-3 am to discuss with partners to ensure the project is completed on time.

That relentless effort is what amazed the UK partner at the frequency of the team’s working effort. A partner representative of Smart Game Studio shared: “I would like to extend a big thank you for all the hard work and effort you guys have put in the past few weeks. You have been a truly incredible partner.” Before the ranked on the 2nd place on the top chart, they also highly appreciated the working spirit of Smart Game Studio in this project, which is also what makes Smart Game Studio a priority partner. And finally, the worth waiting result that the team is achieving in the past few days with the 2nd place in the game US Chart has been extremely valuable for the efforts of all members.

Lesson learned from Beat Master!

Beat Master! – The 2nd-ranked game in the US from Smart Game Studio is called a spectacular revival when everything seems to have come to a dead end. To do this, the team did not give up a bit of hope even if it is the smallest number. For Smart Game Studio, even if there is only 1% hope, everyone should persevere and find a way to exploit that 1%, turning it into 10%, 20%, 50% and even 100%. With a spirit of enthusiasm, willingness to learn, fight and absorb ideas to work together to improve and create success for the product is always a top priority. This is also the basis for the team to believe in a further victory for Beat Master! and aspiration to conquer the game charts in the future.


The road to conquer the Game market with many fluctuations changing day by day is indeed not easy. For Smart Game Studio, perseverance, trying, and fighting hard will be the guideline to help the team overcome all challenges and achieve expected successes in the near future. Hopefully, in the near future, BAP will receive more good news from Smart Game Studio and spectacular game rankings both domestically and internationally.

You can download and experience the game on:

  • Appstore: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1568277165
  • CH Play: https://bitly.com.vn/hros3u
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