(English) Happy Vietnamese Women’s day

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Women don’t stop changing to become the important part of human’s life, they more and more play the key role in many sectors from IT, finance, healthcare, to politics. So there is no reason why we don’t celebrate them on this day, isn’t it?

Either at BAP, we also would like to celebrate by holding a cozy party on occasion of Vietnamese Women’s day. The company had prepared the gifts on the early morning in order to celebrate the beautiful BAPers on 18th Oct.

Happy Vietnamese Women's day

Happy Vietnamese Women's dayHappy Vietnamese Women's day

At the beginning, we had the performance from Nhan with a song “Sáng Mắt Chưa” as a gift for BAP girls. Then, Mr. Dong, on behalf of BOD, gave a key note, which presented the quote of BAP girls is “To be generous, To be thoughtful, To be smart”.

Happy Vietnamese Women's day

Furthermore, the highlight of the party with the topic is the : Women Tech Maker Talk” section, which aim to increase the connection in order to share and train soft skills for BAP girls.

Happy Vietnamese Women's day

So the highlight of the party is the “Women TechMaker Talk” section, which aimed to increase the connection, to share and to train soft skills for BAP girls. They confidently shared their views on life and new perspectives in front of everyone.

The presentations of BAP girls.

Happy Vietnamese Women's dayHappy Vietnamese Women's dayHappy Vietnamese Women's day

And the interesting section of the day is “voting part”, which the boys would vote for best presenters. Which means that  each boy was given a sticker, and they voted for the presentation they like best. The performance that got the highest vote was Ms. Thuong’s with topic: “Skinny milk Tea”.

Happy Vietnamese Women's day

BAP boys gave surprising and meaningful special gifts to BAp girls, which was Chibi T-shirts. It has the image transferred from each person’s real image. The chibi versions were drawn by boys from Game team.

Happy Vietnamese Women's dayHappy Vietnamese Women's day

After receiving the surprising gifts, the girls put on the new T-shirts, confidently posing for photo booth. This was a value that BAP wanted to transfer to the Women who have contributed to the company and all of the members have worked with.  Not only BAP is a company, but we are a family to celebrate together.

Happy Vietnamese Women's day

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