In the exchange market like Cryptocurrency, if you are late to trade, you will get more consequences as the rate of coins changes over time. Being expertise in the technology to be able to provide a full view of the market in real time and high speed in trading is the most important point for those want to build a platform. What can BAP provide?


SMART TRADING Web from BAP has been born to give you a chance since this was created by Redis in order to store datas totally and enhance the speed of trading as well. On this platform, you can see the 2 main crypto currencies including BTC and ETH.

Furthermore, you have the ability to view coins’ price at the realtime, and check history as well as statistic profits. This is supported by other exchange markets such as Coincheck, Zaif, Bitflyer, Binance, Quoine, Bittrex, Hitbtc.

BAP has contributed the highest efforts from our in-house engineers to conduct this platform for our customers so that they can get rid of the pain point of speed from their previous platform.

We understood and mastered ideas to customers quickly, and they evaluated us as a right partner to collaborate in the long run. BAP ensures that we are able to develop and design the best white-label exchange platforms according to customers’ requirements, our team is always ready to work with customers from the beginning to the end of products.

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