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BAP feels very meaningful when participating in the charity program “Tra Tap – Heartbeat of Love” at the roof of Tu Nuong, Tra Tap commune, Nam Tra My district, Quang Nam province with the charity group Hand in Hand Viet – Korea and many other sponsors.

The campaign of mass mobilization also helps people to improve their lives, creating opportunities for exchanges and connections, and increasing the spirit of mutual affection. In particular, the charity group focuses on children – the country’s preschool, talented people who will build and develop their own homeland.

  •  To strengthen the back-to-school season (September 5) and the warm reunion of the Union members, the charity group helped the children:
  • Learn more about soft skills: personal hygiene, how to behave when meeting adults, environmental protection
  • Improve the learning environment and landscape for kindergarten and primary school
  • Paint and paint colorful walls to make them love their school more
  • 100 gifts of books, school tools, uniforms, briefcases, warm clothes, rain boots
  • Welcoming the early Mid-Autumn Festival with the Lan group
  • Cultural exchange with child Idol vocalists from Noc Tu Nuong and folk plays: Thach Sanh, Ly Thong, Eat star fruit, pay gold,…
  • Cartoon Screening
  • Prepared more than 100 servings of Quang noodles – The first time they have tried it
  • In addition, the charity group also helps the essential needs of Noc Tu Nuong such as:
  • The 15m-long suspension bridge of iron combined with cable-stayed cables worth more than 50 million VND is caught across Tu Nuong stream so that people are no longer afraid during the rainy season.
  • Replacing the entire roof for Mr. Tran Van Vuong’s household – a household with extremely difficult circumstances
  • Free haircut
  • Giving livestock breeds to 5 households with extremely difficult circumstances, 54 gifts to 54 households including old clothes, necessities, blankets, etc.
  • Order 3 trash cans for people to live

Hopefully this trip has contributed to the basic luggage of the children on the coming back-to-school day and winter, hope that the children are always happy and steadfast with their passion for “finding words”. me. May Tu Nuong always be filled with laughter and happiness!

    Let’s take a look at the warm images of the recent volunteer campaign with BAP.

Thank you Hand in Hand Viet-Han Charity Group for organizing a meaningful program.

Thanks to the publishers that reported:

– Education & Times Newspaper: The pulse of love in the mountainous area of Tu Nuong

– Professional knowledge newspaper: Hand In Hand Vietnam – Han – Charity journey 2022: Tra Tap – The beat of love

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