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💖 Opening the first shots for the series of images of the BAP Year End Party 2022 – Year of Blooming program is our BAP Hue family.

Not only is YEP night but also the anniversary of BAP Hue turning 4 years old, the strength of the collective is clearly shown here.

Many times while editing photos, I can see the “not exaggerating” of this funny BAP Hue’s heavy gift 🤗🥰. The images exude a unique energy of solidarity at BAP Hue💖

Everybody say "Hi" BAPers Huế quẩy rất nhiệt tình Lets capture this moment BAPer Huế having fun Các BAPers cháy hết mình trong đêm YEC Lets cheers Funny moment Nặng quáa Together we cheer Nhận giải Trao giải tập thể BAP Huế Say Hi tập thể BAPer Huế BAPer Huế BAPer Huế trao giải BAPer Huế phát biểu trao giải BAPer Huế cheer!!! BAPer Huế cheers BAPer Huế cheer BAPer Huế

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