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Celebrating the arrival of Tet and spring colors are flooding in the BAP area, Tet gift baskets covered in a brand navy blue color carry the meaning of fresh and positive energy in an upcoming 2023, with:

💖 Cakes and jams, with wine to make Tet Holiday more fillfull

💖 Red envelopes and greeting cards from BAP CEO

💖 Eye-catching design, elegant colors are also very luxurious.

In particular, the lucky money pack for the year of the Cat is exclusively designed by BAPers with details depicting the city symbol – BAP’s 06 offices are working in 2 countries: Vietnam and Japan 🤗

🙆 BAPers from all over the world, or relatives of the Japanese BAPers family have also received these Tet gifts filled with affection, let’s “take attendance” under this post with us!

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