(English) [RECAP] BAP 2022 – EVOLVE YEAR

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🌸 Blooming 2022 – Let’s look back at a year of BAP’s full bloom and sublimation. The moment of the flower is reaching out to catch the sun in order to fully bloom at night with beautiful and brilliant petals just like enterprise taking the opportunity to develop the system, build a solid human resources apparatus in number and quality.

🏅 One of the most noticeable successes in 2022 is:

– Expansion of branch development and construction plan for the entire BAP branches.

– Expanding the project.

– Expanding training activities.

– Expansion of internal activity zone.

– Expanding community activities.

📽 We wish everyone to review the journey of BAP over the past five months, the quiet moments, the climax and many gratitude are clearly shown in the video below.

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