Developing a real estate platform is hard for business, when they cannot meet technologies to satisfy end-consumers. Because The current customers require more conveniences and applied technologies onto business’s app or web.

Here in BAP, we provide businesses with the best high-tech solutions for their own items such as Lodyhelp App that is one of successful real estate apps developed by us.


Lodyhelp is a real estate system that brings solutions including housing, eco-services, and travelling, which means that users can ensure recommendations when coming to 3 destinations in Vietnam like Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh.

On the app, users can apply the GPS function to discover locations or local services and property in order to try out, and they either can take advantage of “search real-time buddy” function to find out local buddies to help users explore the culture, daily life at the place in which they visit.

This is one of BAP’s successful apps. When businesses want to partner with us, we assure every output products that will not make them disappointed.

Our engineers are able to give the best ideas for businesses when they just write requirements down, and give the most suitably technological solutions for businesses including AI, Blockchain, Big Data,… to get more successful rate of final products.

ClientShinrai Inc.
Development FormLab
Development LanguageReact native
Amazon aws
ProductWeb, IOS, Android
Development SiteBAP Software
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