Top Students


You can not build a system or provide a service if you don’t understand the needs of the customers. But understanding is not the necessary condition, you have to provide a proper solution to the problem. TOP STUDENT is a website that BAP created to show that we understand the customers’ problem and we can give the solution to help students and university.


TOP Student includes the main 3 functions. Firstly, Community function is for students to communicate, buy and or sell items, follow trends, rent apartments or share houses…

The second is Review function: if end-users are high school students, they can make full use of the Review function of universities with the details including campus, canteen, entertainment,..

The Third is Contest Organization: universities can connect with each other easily through contests from TOP Student. If you are ready to build a platform like that or even more, BAP is able to give you a helping hand.

BAP are confident to consult with businesses and give them the best ideas, besides, our engineers have working experience in Japanese’ companies, so that they can understand Japan culture and working style.

From BAP’s perspective, we ensure that each business’s output products will be the best, and updated state-of-the-art technologies including AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Game, ERP,

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Development LanguageNodejs
React Native
ProductWeb, App
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