B2B Metaverse Platform (Metaverse-as-a-service)


1. Overview

Metaverse – a realm where you can turn fundamental ideas into immersive experiences, elevating your brand’s narrative to new heights of uniqueness. Building on that idea, the concept of Metaverse-as-a-service emerges as the solution for businesses to enhance every aspect of their operation. Through the integration of business activities into the Metaverse Platform, you can streamline operations and establish your brand’s presence in the technology revolution. Effortlessly own a platform tailored for your business with Metaverse Platform, where innovation knows no bounds!

2. Product details

Transitioning from a traditional business model to a virtual platform may appear risky, yet the potential benefits might just surprise you. 

  • Cost Reduction: Go virtual to save 50% on event organization, training, and marketing. Mirroring real-life experiences with reduced operational costs. 


  • Efficient Workflow: Control and monitor every step with a customized interface, while real-time platform statistics boost performance. 


  • Versatile All-in-One Solution: One platform for entertainment, networking, meetings, and design, with reusable features and future-ready tech. 

3. Highlight features and technology

From streamlined operations to future-ready solutions, we’re committed to making your tech experience seamless and powerful. 

  • Customizable: Tailoring every detail to create a virtual world perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Powered by Blockchain and AI:  
    • Experience rapid deployment of Web3 features, including wallet login system, NFTs, and Marketplaces.
    • Enjoy AI-powered functions, such as real-time voice changes, without the need for third-party applications, enhancing your engagement and experience. 
  • Data Analytics: The automated data collections and statistical analysis systems provide you with the means to efficiently track and evaluate activities within your metaverse. 
  • Compatibility: Cross-platform metaverse – accessible from iOS, Android, and PC. No VR headset or motion tracking needed; just an internet-connected device. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: Fascinating features like applause, handshakes, and expressive gestures create an interactive virtual world. Users can engage through voice chat, text chat, 1-1 dialogues, and group discussions. 
  • Livestream and Video Display: Integrated streaming systems enable users to share their multimedia content in captivating 3D graphics with a simple click. 


4. Use case

  • Meetings: Enhance communication with others through an intuitive and accessible approach. 
  • Training: Enhance the practicality and performance of your training processes within a risk-free environment. 
  • Entertainment: In the metaverse, it’s not just about work; there are countless ways to create entertainment, from company outings and gamification to music concerts and more. 
  • Marketing & Sales: The metaverse offers various ways to enhance customer engagement, from virtual stores to 3D product showcases. 

5. Implementation Process

With Metaverse Platform, we offer a streamlined, highly efficient implementation process. 


  1. Ideation: Share your ideas, expectations, and goals.


  1. Requirement Analysis: Receive suggested solutions from us.


  1. Estimated Milestones: Set clear progress checkpoints.


  1. Negotiation & Contract: Finalize requirements and sign the contract.


  1. Commencement: Once all is confirmed, work begins according to the plan.

Embark on an innovation odyssey with the Metaverse platform- where your ideas are transformed into immersive experiences.