Bkey – Revolutionizing Access Control Systems


In the evolution of physical access control credentials, the focus has shifted towards enhancing security, flexibility, and convenience at the door. The selection of access technology now considers not only security but also the needs of users and solution managers. This case study delves into the significance of striking this balance, particularly through the lens of BAP technology. 


Pain Point


Managing multiple insecure keys and intricate access controls across various purposes poses a significant challenge.  


The complexity escalates with the need to automate meeting room and participant list management, encountering complications from varying access levels and permissions. This demands meticulous attention to detail for seamless coordination while maintaining security protocols.  


Additionally, navigating attendance and payroll intricacies further adds to the challenge, requiring a deep understanding of organizational workflows and compliance needs. 




Addressing these challenges effectively involves strategic planning, seamless integration, and proactive risk management. This is why we’ve partnered with Airfob to introduce Bkey—a transformative solution.  

By combining Bemo‘s comprehensive digital transformation capabilities with Airfob‘s innovative access control system, Bkey offers robust security infrastructure delivered via the cloud. Seamlessly manage credentials and back-office tasks from anywhere on Earth, with integrated meeting management and streamlined payroll processes. 

Bkey - Revolutionizing Access Control Systems

Bkey – Revolutionizing Access Control Systems


With Bkey, your workflows will be optimized, control will be consolidated, and valuable time will be saved, ultimately allowing you to maximize efficiency and security while achieving organizational success. Moreover, by mitigating the risk of errors and enhancing productivity, our solution fosters a culture of innovation and agility, enabling organizations to stay ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape while maximizing return on investment. 


Consequently, Bkey has created a new standard for organizational safety and convenience by providing advanced, open-access control systems. As a result of these innovative solutions, access control can be controlled securely and seamlessly, eliminating complex entry processes, strengthening security measures, and optimizing operational efficiency while preserving valuable time and resources.