Human Resources Management System: A Revolutionary Approach


1. Overview

In the wake of rapid technological advances and digital transformation, enterprises are being urged to redefine corporate governance. Amidst this evolution, human resources and personnel management stand as pivotal factors, profoundly influencing business development. 

2. Challenges

It is challenging for enterprises to effectively manage diverse projects, track performance, and maintain accurate information about their diverse staff and partners.  It involves managing complex business logic while serving a large user base, requiring the organization of servers and databases with meticulous precision.  


Despite this, there are several obstacles to overcome in the digital transformation landscape. It is not uncommon for software systems to be fragmented, for data sources to be inconsistent, and for processes to be time-consuming in order to reduce their efficiency.  


Additionally, the associated costs strain budgets, while the lack of access to accurate information hinders the development of personalized experiences and critical insights for the development of strategic decisions. 

3. Solutions

Addressing dynamic needs, we implemented a streamlined flow and role management mechanism for robust oversight of HR procedures. The system offers intuitive dashboards for quick staff monitoring. Supporting multiple timekeeping methods across various devices (web, app, Chatwork, Slack, PIT Touch), it simplifies leave requests and schedules through intuitive visual displays.

Human Resources Management System: A Revolutionary Approach

Revolutionizing Human Resources Management Systems: An Innovative Approach

Beside that, the system enables effortless information management, providing customizable data outputs for managers’ ease, ensuring comprehensive utilization of resources. 

A further advantage of this system is its scalability, which allows it to expand and upgrade to meet the needs of growing businesses. As the company expands, this adaptability solves the problem of maintaining system integrity. 

4. Highlight functions

A significant improvement has been made in the efficiency of overall management through the streamlining of employee operations. The optimization resulted in a substantial increase in registered and trial users, soaring from an average of 5,000 to 20,000 per month, with the following highlights: 

  • Human Resource Information Management: Providing managers with comprehensive employee data throughout their engagement within the company, enabling managers to effortlessly oversee and access employee information. 
  • Varied reports: The intuitive smart dashboard provides quick access for approving leave, overtime, and work adjustments, with tailored reports meeting departmental needs. 
  • Seamless updates: Easily integrate new information aligned with company policies or regulations by adjusting settings in the system. 

5. Technology

  • Backend: Ruby on rails 
  • Frontend: VueJS, HTML, CSS, Jquery 
  • Database: Mongodb 
  • Infra: AWS