Software and IT Company Management Solutions


I. Overview

  • Industry: IT 
  • Company size: 500+ 
  • Company structure: Group with 3 Companies and 6 Divisions

II. Pain points

The fast-growing company, expanding from 6 employees to over 500 within 5 years, faces significant challenges: 


  • Processes have become complex and time-consuming, hindering efficient data access. 
  • Many operations lack essential tools and software, resulting in difficulty in interaction and monitoring, excessive manual work, and reliance on Excel for management, leading to data search and storage challenges across departments. 

In specific areas: 

    • CRM: Using Excel files for customer support impedes buyer behavior analysis and limits employee engagement in sales interactions. 
    • Assets: Managing assets becomes increasingly challenging, with inconsistent processes wasting time and undermining project and business performance. 
    • Sales: Relying on individual sales systems causes delays as sales staff spend time checking inventory across departments before responding to customers. 
    • Accounting: Error-prone data transfer leads to confusion and fragmented information. 
    • HRM: Manual HR management disrupts workflow and communication, necessitating significant time and effort for data entry and asset monitoring. 
    • Tasks: Limited resource allocation and suboptimal productivity make understanding project status challenging. 
    • Operation: Inconsistent processes and unreliable communication adversely impact project and business performance, leading to information loss between departments. 


  • Overall, these challenges compromise data accuracy, increase financial risks, and hinder timely decision-making, highlighting the need for comprehensive solutions to streamline processes and improve efficiency. 


III. Solutions 

  • Implement digitalization across all processes and operations to streamline system processing. 

 In specific areas: 

    • CRM: Integrate sales, financial, and marketing data to provide analytical insights for targeted strategies. Include a notification feature for sales opportunities and customer care activities. 
    • Assets: Facilitate timely information sharing between departments, such as validating supplier payments, and enhance employee awareness of asset protection by storing all activities in the system. 
    • Sales: Ensure efficient warehouse management for timely inventory updates and order planning. Analyze best-selling products for profit maximization and support optimal pricing strategies. 
    • Accounting: Customize salary spreadsheets and automate accounting processes with modern technology for accurate financial reporting. Seamlessly communicate data from the HRM module. 
    • HRM: Enable quick and accurate management reports, integrate with multiple recruitment websites, and offer easy form customization. 
    • Tasks: Proactively monitor work progress, assign tasks, and manage projects through a unified interface for enhanced efficiency. 
    • Operation: Integrate internal communication, meeting room management, events, and meals for simplified operations and enhanced connections within the organization. 


  • Ensure seamless information flow and multidimensional data connections. Automate report generation to reduce errors and cater to various administrative needs. Scale the system according to business growth and integrate multiple modules to adapt to changes in state laws. 
BEMO x BAP - Software and IT Company Management Solutions

BEMO x BAP – Software and IT Company Management Solutions

IV. Highlights

  • Develop the system from scratch to meet specific business requirements and ensure optimal functionality. 
  • Ensure compatibility with various devices and operating systems, allowing easy access to applications on mobile phones for enhanced accessibility. 
  • Provide employees with an improved experience through consistent and transparent information and processes on a unified system. This eliminates the need for extensive manpower to operate the system and addresses concerns regarding data security. 


V. Output

  • Ensure maximum security and transparency across various data formats. 
  • Boost efficiency and accuracy, saving up to 80% of time and reducing errors by 90% compared to traditional accounting methods. 
  • Empower administrators to extract information easily and make timely decisions independently from the general accounting department. 
  • Minimize errors in salary calculation, insurance declaration, and welfare benefits to enhance professionalism. 
  • Offer businesses a 30% cost savings.