VR Training App

Challenge: Almost all business have training program for new employees, but they have the following issues;

  • High cost: Transportation and accommodation costs are required for new employees to gather.
  • High turnover rate: There is a large difference between what new employees think before being assigned and reality in their jobs, and many people quit their job early.
  • Trainer: If there are many trainees, many trainers should be assigned to it for a long time.

Solution: To solve the above issues, we have developed a VR application that combines 360-degree video and some quizzes. The following effects can be expected in this application. ;

  • Trainees can use this app individually at each place, so they don’t need to gather in one place. Business can cut the transportation and accommodation costs required for general training.
  • The immersive feeling in VR allows trainees to experience the feeling of being in the field. A more realistic work experience on VR will help reduce the differences between their impression and reality in their jobs.

With regard to VR technology, BAP is constantly developing new tools that meet the needs of our customers and wants to be a top leader in the technology. Not limited to VR, many new technologies such as AI, big data, GPS, and maps can be implemented.

We will collect requirements from customers and build a system that meets all business needs. If you would like to know more details, please contact sales@bap.jp.