Salesforce application in retail sector

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Salesforce is one of the most widely used CRM platforms in the field of business and business management. Salesforce has features such as helping to run product marketing campaigns, capture customer tastes, and provide effective customer service. To better understand this technology platform and the benefits it brings to enterprises, get the details right through the following article with BAP Software!

I. About Salesforce

About salesforce

Salesforce is a CRM platform that is used in many different fields. Source:

Salesforce is the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management platform. Salesforce develops various sales and customer service CRM applications powered by cloud technology to serve small, medium to large  enterprises.

It is practical to apply Salesforce in many areas of enterprises, helping them manage business effectively and manage their relationships with customers.

II. What benefits does Salesforce bring to retail enterprises?

Salesforce has a lot of features, however, in this article, we will take a look at 5 outstanding applications of Salesforce in the retail sector.

1. Promote Marketing campaigns, attract customers

Salesforce CRM has the ability to accelerate the company’s Marketing process by:

  • Promote customer loyalty and trust by running more effective marketing campaigns. Enterprises can use this technology to improve their retail services by easily accessing information about customers with the help of marketing tools.
  • Retail CRM also helps companies improve personalized service with customers via email, social media to tailor to lead generation.
  • Help the retail department improve the gift program, discount for loyal customers to expand customer size and increase revenue.

2. Support to provide effective customer service

Improving customer support is key in the retail sector. Salesforce CRM has excelled in this respect by:

  • CRM uses artificial intelligence, analytics, and automated feature generation to effectively solve customer problems.
  • Salesforce uses chatbots to take care of customers and respond to customer information and requests quickly, optimizing and promoting work progress.

3. Helping enterprises understand customer psychology and improve individual experience

Benifits salesforce

Salesforce helps analyze data, understand customer psychology. Source:

  • Salesforce helps retail companies build holistic customer experiences that help enterprises better understand their habits, preferences, purchasing patterns, and needs of each individual customer. 
  • Predictive intelligence is also used by Salesforce CRM to keep a record of customer shopping and consumption habits. This helps the retail company to predict the future purchasing trends of the customer to take care of the individual shopping experience.

4. Rely on artificial intelligence to help make business decisions

CRM uses the analysis of all customer data to forecast future consumption trends. This data also helps to classify customers based on tastes, needs, habits, preferences, purchase history of customers. Salesforce also uses artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to rule out inaccurate predictions to build the right strategy on real data.

5. Promote business process automation, business management

Using Salesforce, retailers can manage leads, track sales, and manage operations. In addition, CRM also helps automate production and business processes, division of labor, and connection of company members to improve work efficiency such as sales or marketing.

III. What BAP Software is doing with Salesforce

Salesforce services BAP IT

BAP Software is one of the Salesforce service providers in Vietnam.

What does BAP Software have?

  • BAP is a company with many years of experience in the field of technology, consulting and providing information technology and software services for enterprises in many countries.
  • As one of the units with professional staff, experienced in developing Salesforce products.
  • Currently, BAP has a system of offices in many countries around the world, with 8 offices in 4 countries: Japan, Vietnam, Korea and the US.
  • BAP has cooperated with many class corporations to build a salesforce system serving the business field.

Thanks to the above advantages, BAP software implements many projects with Salesforce technology:

  • Telecom innovation: BAP has implemented Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, SFA and CRM to eliminate manual work, enhance customer care via apps and SNS, and centrally manage business processes…
  • Integrating Hubspot with Salesforce: BAP helps customers move from Hubspot to Salesforce to manage customer information, suggests sales and marketing strategies, and improves marketing effectiveness by applying Salesforce’s Service Cloud and Pardot.
  • Improve recruitment process: In the context of increasing the number of recruitment candidates that companies want to automate recruitment processes, BAP has implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SFA and CRM to optimize recruiting process, capture candidate information, automate and operate 24/24 to ensure human resources are taken care of.

IV. Conclusion

The above article has provided you with applications of Salesforce CRM in the retail sector.

If you are in need of services related to Salesforce applications, please contact BAP Software immediately for advice. Recently, BAP Software has become one of the leading Salesforce application service providers, protecting your sensitive data with many offices in Japan, the U.S, Vietnam … Hope the above information is useful to you! Follow us for more useful knowledge!