(English) What is SAP? Why should you use SAP services at BAP Software?

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SAP is one of the management software widely applied in large enterprises. Among the factors that contribute to an enterprise’s success is SAP. So, what is SAP? Why should businesses use SAP services at BAP Software? Get the details right through the following article with BAP Software!

I. What is SAP Service?

What is SAP services

What is SAP?  Image: quantrinhahang.edu.vn

SAP, also known as SAP ERP, stands for System Application Programming, this is one of the famous applications that was first launched in Germany. SAP service is known as a service providing business planning software, developed by SAP company.

SAP services provide businesses with detailed resource plans for customer relationship management, financial management, supply chain management, etc.

Currently, along with the development of digital technology, SAP services are constantly being improved and always updated to keep up with the development of businesses. Not only that, SAP also provides businesses with integrated features to help businesses plan and control their operating processes.

II. Benefits of SAP for business management

SAP services provide businesses

Benefits of SAP for business managemen. Image: bizflycloud.vn

SAP services are trusted and used by many multinational enterprises because SAP ERP brings great values and benefits to the development of businesses. Some of the benefits that businesses get when using SAP applications are:

  • Shorten the time to calculate and process orders, thereby saving time, effort, human resources and business costs to maximize profits.
  • Shorten the time to calculate the selling price.
  • Provide quick, accurate and timely information to agencies and departments in the company.
  • Reduce costs in the process of distributing and transporting goods as well as managing personnel.
  • Create a professional working environment, support employees to work as efficiently as possible.
  • Provide plans and processes compatible with the characteristics of every company.
  • Minimize financial risks.

III. Some applications of SAP in many fields

Ứng dụng SAP

Some applications of SAP in many fields. Source image: pinterest

1.  Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is one of the complex and time-consuming tasks of employees. Therefore, SAP application to warehouse management helps to optimize time and human resources. SAP supports businesses to strictly control import and export processes, manage inventory and propose pricing policies.

Warehouse management includes input processing management, output processing management, storage and shipping and multifunctional features.

  • Input data management: SAP makes it easy for managers to process input through data validation, shipping notification, receipt acceptance, and efficient receipt processing.
  • Output data management: SAP supports warehouse managers by pre-scheduling packaging as well as shipping, sorting and selecting warehouses according to goods characteristics and enhancing actual picking.
  • Storage and operations management: The data storage unit provides managers with full control over counting, physical inventory, inventory status, and processing equipment.
  • Multi-functional management: In addition to the above features, SAP also supports shipment management, cargo serialization, scheduling with the dock, handling traceability of goods.

2. Financial management

SAP helps businesses manage their financial activities such as general accounting, arranging documents, journal entries, providing detailed reports on business activities.

The financial and accounting management system includes financial planning and analysis, business performance management, accounting and tax management, treasury and cash management as well as liabilities and receivables from customers.

  • Financial Planning: SAP system supports planning as well as analysis, evaluation, forecasting and creation of effective financial management strategies and policies.
  • Cash and treasury tracking: SAP has features for corporate treasury management, risk management, cash management, cash flow forecasting as well as management of investment projects.
  • Accounting and tax management: SAP helps the chief accountant, financial staff complete work, prepare financial statements and accounting operations.
  • Monitor accounts payable and receivable: The system provides features for financial assessment, debt and risk management, and invoice and dispute management.

3. Customer relationship management (CRM)

Selling requires the help of many electronic applications, including SAP. This service not only helps closely track revenue and forecast profits, but also helps businesses analyze and find potential opportunities through reporting indicators.

SAP software also supports businesses to manage each relationship with customers, purchase and sale contracts, take care of customers, etc. Then, businesses grasp the needs of customers and plan effective business strategies.

Here are a few features of SAP in customer relationship management:

  • Sales CRM: CRM provides customers with better service experiences through AI-powered sales applications, sales negotiations with individual customers, management and resolution of disputes, payments and order.
  • CRM marketing system: CRM system supports customer record access, customer consumption data analysis, providing excellent customer experience and marketing management, demand analysis and psychology of each customer segment.
  • Commerce CRM: Commerce CRM helps employees manage orders, integrate departments, and provide transparent and extensive commercial processes.
  • Customer Service CRM: The CRM system in the SAP application provides customer service rep managers with the features they need to take care of exceptional customers. Some features such as customer information, service usage history, AI chat support, …

4. Project management

One of the outstanding applications of SAP is to provide businesses with project management tools for them to manage and track projects from inception to completion. The project management process includes project initiation, project planning, project implementation, and project closure.

  • Project initiation: SAP provides features related to the project launch process, including project information, work assignments, project milestones.
  • Project planning: Includes planning for areas in the project such as revenue, costs, materials, labor, …
  • Project execution: The project implementation process includes the process of monitoring, receiving and receiving goods, timekeeping, payment, confirmation, and progress tracking.
  • Project closure: Project completion data includes information about the closing period and the project’s closing process.

5. Human Resource Management

In addition to the above features, SAP also supports human resource administrators with tools to manage the human resources department. Here are some detailed modules:

  • Human resource management: SAP will perform administrative tasks, store employee information, working days, salary accounting, …
  • Organizational Management: This is a module that helps in planning workflow management.
  • Personnel development: SAP assesses the quality of human resources, assists employers in maintaining long-term employees and developing necessary skills and expertise for the job.
  • Time management: In this module, SAP helps the recruitment and human resources department to control information such as timekeeping, shifts, schedules, and absences of employees.
  • Payroll management: In addition to the above features, SAP also displays information as well as handles payroll, personal income tax and employee benefits in the company.

IV. Why should businesses use SAP services at BAP?

BAP ứng dụng SAP như thế nào?

BAP Software is the company that provides SAP services

Because SAP brings a lot of benefits to businesses, today, there are many SAP service providers in the market, including BAP Software. So why should businesses choose to use services at BAP? There are many reasons to explain this, the details are as follows:

  • Excellent customer service with talented staff

BAP is a professional SAP service provider. At BAP, we provide services with qualified staff and programmers, fluent in at least 2 languages, fully trained in programming and module skills.

  • BAP provides a wide range of SAP products and services

BAP is consulting for large projects that use SAP HANA 4. Not only that, BAP owns a team of well-trained and certified ABAP programmers with extensive practical experience. BAP can build Low – cost & High Availability on Kubernetes system using SAP S/4 HANA.

Currently, BAP is implementing a number of new products such as SAP Business One to support businesses in accounting, sales and transaction management. In addition, BAP also consults, develops and introduces BI management reports using BO SAP associated with SAP system in production management and sales management at Vietnamese companies as well as supporting management and operates a number of mechanical plants in Japan.


The above article has provided you with some information about SAP as well as the benefits that SAP brings to businesses.

If you are in need of building a system, do not hesitate to contact us immediately – BAP Software. Currently, BAP Software is a reputable and best SAP service provider today and this is also the reason why businesses should experience the service at BAP. Hope the above information is useful to you! Follow us for more useful knowledge!