What is ABAP? All informations about SAP ABAP

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ABAP is a specialized term quite familiar to the information technology world. Abap was introduced and developed by a technology company in Germany and it is a tool to support the business management process. So what is Abap? What are the characteristics and applications as well as job opportunities and income of Abap? Get the details right through the following article with BAP Software!

I. What is ABAP?


What does ABAP mean? Image: 123job.vn

Abap is an acronym for “Advanced Business Application Program”. This is one of the programming languages used to develop software on the System Application Programming system.

The ABAP programming language must be developed by highly-qualified programmers. Programmers often use applications such as Abap workbench tool or Eclipse to create programming language software.

The ABAP programming language was founded and developed by SAP Joint Stock Company – One of the most famous software companies in Germany. This programming language has the responsibility to help businesses manage work more effectively and efficiently.

The ABAP programming language has many different data types, such as:

  • Abap data type:

This data type includes many other data types such as numeric data type, character data type, and hexadecimal data type.

  • Command blocks control Abap programming language:

Some popular Abap command blocks such as WHEN block, CASE command block, IF command block, DO…LOOP block, WHILE…LOOP command block…

  • Calculations in Abap programming language will use characters such as: +, -, /, *
  • Comparisons in Abap will use signs different from regular math:

Greater than or equal (GE or >=), Less than or equal to (LE or <=), Less than (LT or <), Greater than (LE) or >), Equal (EQ or =), Other (NE or <>).

For programmers, being able to program with this programming language, it is necessary to remember all the symbols and parameters of Abap.

II. Features of ABAP programming language

SAP ABAP Developer - ABAP Programming Language

ABAP is used by many businesses in management. Image: glints.com

In recent times, when information technology has become more and more developed, programming languages are also important tools for many enterprises. ABAP programming language is currently used in hundreds of thousands of customer systems. This system is an effective tool to help enterprises cut down on business management costs through its integration and self-compilation features.

Abap has some outstanding features such as:

  • Abap has a server that can be robust and scalable.
  • Abap is a programming language that supports the programming of business operations economically.
  • Help with server-centric development and good version management.
  • Abap’s database is independent of the provider.
  • Capable of comprehensively changing the management interface flexibly.

Besides the above characteristics, the ABAP programming language has three layers: presentation, database application, and database.

  • Database presentation:

The presentation layer represents the user interface and displays the main screen.

  • Application layer:

The application layer consists of many instances or only one instance, this layer is responsible for communicating as well as distributing in the layer, downloading data to the server to support the management process.

  • Database layer:

This layer contains all the server program code and application programs. These data are stored in the Abap diagram of the system.

III. Career opportunities and income from ABAP

SAP ABAP Consultant

Career opportunities and income from ABAP programming language. Source: ngsc.vn

Currently, information technology is one of the professions that bring great career opportunities for bachelors. A small aspect in the field of information technology cannot fail to mention the programming language programmer SAP ABAP.

With the development of SAP, the demand for Abap programming language staff in enterprises is huge. Once you have fully specialized skills in the ABAP programming language, you can apply to any enterprise that specialize in this field.

Not only bringing great career opportunities, but Abap’s income source is also not small. The average salary of Abap language programmers is ranked 15th for high-paying job positions in the information technology industry.

The average salary of Abap programmers per year can be up to nearly 125,000 USD, about 3 billion VND. In the past year, according to statistics, Abap’s income has increased by 24% – an impressive number. This is the level of income many people want. Not only that, Abap programmers also receive attractive remuneration policies.

To achieve a high level of income, employees in this industry need to have the ability, a high professional level, and meet the job requirements that the company needs.

IV. Application of SAP ABAP

SAP Application - ABAP Programming Language

SAP ABAP Application. Source: pinterest.

First of all, to learn about the application of SAP ABAP, you need to understand what SAP is. SAP stands for System Application Programming, this is a famous software supplier in Germany.

This software company has developed SAP software, the full name is SAP ERP, also known as Enterprise Resource Planning. SAP application helps thousands of enterprises to resource planning and management such as customer relationship management, financial management, warehouse management, fixed asset management, supply chain management, etc.

Some applications of SAP ABAP include:

  • Purchasing process management:

SAP software supports enterprises in the process of processing and operating orders, ensuring the number of goods, and payment methods.

  • Financial management – accounting:

SAP ABAP software supports the company to manage accounting activities, finance, capital flow, arranging documents, and invoices, and preparing financial statements for enterprises.

  • Warehouse management:

SAP ABAP is a useful tool for controlling the situation of assets and supplies, monitoring the process of warehousing and discharging as well as managing pricing policies.

  • Project Management:

Provides enterprises with tools to manage the process of project initiation, implementation, and project completion.

  • Customer relationship management:

Helping enterprises manage relationships with customers, take care of customers, solve problems with customers as well as effective business plans.

  • Human resource management:

Taking on administrative roles, storing employee information, developing and training high-quality human resources, supporting the management of working time, shifts, and schedules as well as managing salary, solving problems related to salaries, income tax as well as benefits such as social insurance, periodical health checkup, bonus and so on.

V. Summary

The above article has answered for you what is the Abap programming language, the characteristics of the Abap programming language and its applications as well as career opportunities and income from ABAP. We hope this information is useful to you.

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