SalesForce cloud for dummies

SalesForce cloud is no longer a stranger in the technology and business world, as cloud computing technology is gradually becoming popular with remarkable impacts, witnessing an unstoppable Salesforce cloud sign ups. With the mission of providing the most intensive, comprehensive solutions on management, sales and customer service, SalesForce cloud has received the favor and trust of many companies around the globe thanks to its top level of security, reliability and flexible costs tailor-made to business sizes as well as a great convenience for users.

What is salesforce?

1. What is SalesForce cloud?

Salesforce is the world’s leading on-demand CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software solution. SalesForce cloud is a total CRM software solution, offering a range of CRM applications specializing in sales and customer service for small and medium businesses. SalesForce cloud provides optimal solutions for sales, management, and customer service.

Furthermore, Salesforce cloud infrastructure simplified the apps development process for corporations for any device in any language. Salesforce cloud infrastructure also guarantees a high level of security and data crunching speed.

SalesForce cloud’s preeminent features that every business needs

  • Chatter offers cohesively internal communication with customers
  • Customer and contact management
  • Sales opportunity management: Track sales opportunities and capture important details about contracts, competitors, etc.
  • Smartphone users support
  • Marketing and potential customer acquirement
  •  Automation in the sales process, providing with flexible work analysis and allocation of business resources
  • Trend analysis and forecast based on internal data and revenue from departments.
  • Partner management: Building and managing a community of loyal partners and agents.

2. Salesforce Cloud and its exceptional ecosystem

2.1. Salesforce marketing cloud

salesforce marketing cloud

Salesforce marketing cloud generates promoting analytics and marketing automation programming for mobile, email, social media and online advertising. SalesForce cloud also provides counseling and implementation services. The product is sold fundamentally on a multi-year subscription basis. The cost depends on features, the number of users and the degree of customer service.

2.2. Salesforce service cloud

salesforce service cloud

Salesforce service cloud is an integrated platform for customer support, developed to assist you with quick and dependable case resolution. It enables you to deliver better-targeted services with a 360-degree perspective on each customer, solve problems across channels, and enhance consumer satisfaction and loyalty by interfacing your entire business.

Your corporation is strengthened by having clear visibility in customer interaction with CTI to fasten handling times of customer phone-in calls and enhance customer satisfaction. Salesforce cloud exceeds every aspect of your expectations in order to better your customer service operation and raise your customer satisfaction level.

2.3. Salesforce commerce cloud


Salesforce commerce cloud is a  cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) eCommerce solution. Over the year, SalesForce cloud infrastructure has been constantly built and refined in order to provide the best-in-the-business features and operation to ensure the most optimized and advanced eCommerce experience.

By providing eCommerce as a SaaS solution, Service Cloud Salesforce liberates your business from the requests of dealing with a technical roadmap or learns how to be ahead of the game with regards to best practice eCommerce features.

The reason is that Service Cloud Salesforce is continually advancing and refining its features and functional capability to keep up with the constantly changing pace of the eCommerce industry so that you generally have a top tier feature set.

2.4. Salesforce community cloud

salesforce community cloud

You can set up separate communities within your SalesForce cloud organization to serve your specific purposes in which many organization has been successful. You can do almost anything thing you want with your specific sets of communities in order to boost engagement among customers, partners, and employees.

Keywords when mentioning Salesforce community cloud has to be ‘integrated everything’. Here are a few suggestions on how you can utilize Salesforce community cloud to create a genuinely astonishing experience.

  • Set up a wide range of communities for specific targets and requirements.
  • Expand your business procedures to staff, customers and partners.
  • Incorporate data (for instance orders or financial statistics) from third-party suppliers.

2.5. Salesforce cloud scheduler

Salesforce cloud scheduler is an incredible feature that allows you to propose up to 5 meeting times for different attendees to choose from. The nightmare of choosing a meeting time that fits everyone’s schedule is over. You can ask Salesforce cloud scheduler to pop up 5 possible meeting times for you, in light of your availability.

The invitees get a notification that enables them to select the meeting times that suit their schedule. After receiving all responses, Salesforce cloud scheduler will track all of the responses for you to pick the most suitable one based on the participant’s replies.

Salesforce cloud is currently trusted by more than 100,000 businesses worldwide, with more than 3 million subscribers currently using online on its system. These include major corporations in the world such as Dell, Symantec, City Group and dozens of leading companies in Japan. It is time for marketers and business owners to take serious consideration of this amazing software to boost productivity and increase revenues for the company.