Using Salesforce in enterprise’s human resource management system

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In recent times, when technology has become more and more popular and applied in many different fields, Salesforce is also a name that has become familiar to many people. However, Salesforce and its application in enterprise human resource management are not well understood by everyone. To learn more about this issue, get the details right through the following article.

I. What is Salesforce?

What is salesforce?

Salesforce is a platform that was born to support companies in human resource management. Source:

In the past, companies used to manage personnel manually, taking notes and storing them in document files. After the advent of computers, companies used Excel spreadsheets to manage data. However, this method is still inefficient, making it difficult for the human resource management process. Thus, CRM (Customer relationship management) was born which solves problems such as human resources, retail…

Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software platform that uses cloud technology to develop a variety of applications to support businesses in the field of service and sales. Salesforce was founded in March 1999 in San Francisco, California, USA and became the first CRM platform in the world with various features.

II. Using Salesforce in your human resource management system

 Using Salesforce in your human resource management system

Salesforce is used in human resource management with many features. Source:

Salesforce can help human resources departments manage employees more comprehensively and easily, reducing management costs and saving time. Some of Salesforce’s app features include:

  • Time attendance, attendance monitoring of employees in an automated way.
  • Monitor and report actual and planned working time of employees in the company.
  • Store and manage employee information, records, and personal profiles effectively, scientifically, and easily search when needed.
  • Optimizing the time of managing and operating human resources, supporting the management of the working process of employees in the company, thereby making adjustments to increase labor efficiency.
  • Combined with other features to calculate salary, bonus, tax finalization to make human resource management work simpler and more effective.
  • Easy integration with other software such as accounting software to support the chief accountant in the process of consolidating quarterly and annual reports.

III. The role of Salesforce application in human resource management

3.1. Recruitment Management

Salesforce helps companies build fast and smart hiring processes by:

  • Automate manipulations and multi-dimensional interactions with candidates, thereby increasing recruitment efficiency.
  • Use features such as creating recruitment waves, managing applications, screening, integrating recruitment websites, creating interview rounds.
  • Automatically email results, automatically transfer candidate profiles to official employees…
Salesforce assists enterprises in recruiting.

Salesforce assists enterprises in recruiting. Source:

3.2. Training Management

Personnel training is a necessary process to add professional knowledge to new employees. In addition to training management, Salesforce is capable of supporting businesses to improve human resource quality through features such as managing training programs, managing employees taking part in training, tracking training processes, searching for information, and providing feedback on trainee quality.

3.3. Records management

Besides the above features, Salesforce also helps companies keep better employee records. Provide a security key, saving the HR department’s searching and data entry time. 

Salesforce CRM manages personnel records by tracking employee work history, saving personal information, health status, social insurance and tax information, information about rewards, appointment of new service positions during the time working at the company, and storing information about the employee’s past work experience.

3.4. Payroll Management

Salesforce CRM is also capable of automating the payroll administration process, increasing accuracy and saving time for the HR department in payroll accounting. Thanks to the integration feature, Salesforce calculates salary according to the timesheet, calculates bonuses, taxes and insurance, advances salary…

Faced with the challenge of an increasing number of candidates and employees, and the company’s desire to automate the recruitment process and salary administration, BAP has just implemented a project to improve operations. recruitment of companies. BAP has used Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, SFA and CRM, resulting in remarkable results such as:

  • Receive candidate data and automatically confirm the interview in just a few minutes.
  • The rate of transferring applications to appointments for interviews increased by more than 8%.
  • Improve hiring process automation and increase productivity.

IV. Conclusion

The above article is all about the features and applications of Salesforce in the human resource management system in enterprises. Hope this information will be useful to you.

Salesforce is one of the core technologies that BAP is offering. If you have a need to deploy Salesforce, contact us immediately. With a team of professional staff and many years of experience in the technology field, BAP is always ready to advise and support you anytime, anywhere. Please contact us immediately through this form.