Technology innovation has no limit with BAP.
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Who we are

Born with an inspiring vision “Contribute innovation to the world”, BAP IT CO.,JSC. stands for Be Advanced Partner, lives to treasure our Client and Staff as our lifetime-partner, continuously innovate and grow together.

In companion with our beloved partner, BAP – specializes in AI, Blockchain technology, ERP system,… – has been developing numerous software services for massive brands in Japa­n and  English-speaking countries such as Switzerland, Australia,…

Software outsourcing service is not all BAP capable of. With our awesome technology experts, we also provide software solution services for big corporations in Japan, Vietnam as well as English-speaking countries. Furthermore, a lot of Vietnam’s successful start-ups are backed by BAP Ventures, an investment fund of BAP Group.












Why choose BAP Software as a Partner?


  • Engineer team familiar with Japan, Australia, Singapore culture, with more than 8 years experience working for top companies
  • Capable from analysis to operating system stage.


  • Utilized most-updated technologies to achieve greater performance, increase expandability, optimize budget for clients.


  • Omotenashi and Kodawari spirits perform throughout the process from consultancy stage to operating stage.
  • BAP would be able to consult more effective as we has been developing multiple products for our own.

Business scale

  • Over 420 engineers with offices in 6 cities, certified in Quality Management ISO 9001, Information Security Management ISO 27001
  • Vietnam’s Top 20 Golden Brands 2020 in Product Quality category.
  • Vietnam’s Top 10 ICT companies 2020,2021 ( revenue, AI, Blockchain)

Case study

At BAP, we always seek for innovation in every single project, increase performance, utilize new technologies for our customer’s satisfaction.


Regardless of the size and type of business of the company, there are examples of companies that using BAP developing teams.

  • BAP had a good team to solve common issue in offshore development.

    Mediotec Co.,Ltd Matsumoto Hidemori CEO

    BAP had a good team to solve common issue in offshore development.

  • A great comtor and a quick to respond team. It is “BAP only”

    Mr.Ogawa - Assistant Manager, NTT DATA NJK Corporation

    A great comtor and a quick to respond team. It is “BAP only”

  • The reason we order to BAP is we will get higher performance than we requested.

    Mr. Sugimoto - Sub Manager, iXIT Corporation

    The reason we order to BAP is we will get higher performance than we requested.

Advantage and Disadvantage when using outsourcing company


  • Reduce the cost up to 50%
  • Abundant human resources
  • Quick access to new technologies
  • Manage finance proactively, adjust manpower quantity easily
  • Bring in the new vitality to the company


  • Communication times

  • BAP 's development experienced

BAP Assistant x

  • BAP

    We are very pleased to answer all questions about development services at BAP. Please select the information you would like to find out:

    I am concerned about communication, like my detailed requests are not understood. Would it be an issue when communicating through other foreign languages?
    Not only development, can I request your maintenance service when operating the system?
    I usually care more about quality while doing development . Could you ensure a high quality project?
    When I request an Offshore service, what materials and regulation should I prepare?
    I’m thinking of requesting an offshore for our specialized system. Could your company handle those special requirements?
    Can we visit your technical hub, where the software has been developing?
    I want to have an AI project. Can I request your company?
    Please tell me about your capability and processes.
    How can you assure your quality?
    How can you assure your committed timeline?
    How are your payment terms?
    How is your liquidation process?
    If there is an emergency case, what is your process to have a quick response?
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