Contribute innovation to the world

Born with an inspiring vision “Contribute innovation to the world”, BAP IT CO.,JSC. stands for Be Advanced Partner, lives to treasure our Client and Staff as our lifetime-partner, continuously innovate and grow together.







High-quality services to start today

Technology knowledge together with our plentiful experiences,
we provide an innovative Offshore service for variety of product and industry.


With over 20 engineers, we are one of a few companies offers both consultants and development engineer crews in AI field. We have great Data Sciencetist, Deep Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, together with BPO data labeling service, improve accuracy to save cost for customers. Java, Python, Lisp, Prolog…are development languages, implement with auto-train, re-train model gave us a lot of expeiences in building project from scratch.


BAP is the only outsourcing company listed in Fintech Vietnam ecosystem, one of the first companies developing software, application/website by blockchain technology in Vietnam.


At BAP, we always utilize the most-updated & the best performance technology to develop website and app. We also happy to join the client from idea phase to design, develop and operation phase. Furthermore, we could also join the designing stage and deploy offshoring for a part of the project.


At BAP, we analyze client’s requirements even the most complex major to build technology products, helps digital transformation process at scale from small, medium to big. Beside of developing application at the beginning, we also building product which is part of a package based on client’s demand.


At BAP, we offer the crew from consultants to ABAP developers. Our consultants are fluent in at least 2 languages, ABAP developers are well-trained from coding to module features.


We offer the crew from game artist to game developer to execute from idea phase to operation phase. BAP’s key members used to work for big game company like ameba, gloops, altplus game, therefore they provide experiences in operating social games. Our games used to reach Top 100 on Apple Store chart as well.


At BAP, our crew has lots of experiences in building Big Data system with extract/filter feature for other departments like sales, marketing,…This experience comes from our project with client as well as our start up project.

Why choose BAP Software as a Partner?

BAP GROUP always aim to bring innovation to all products of our customers as well as our own. Technology innovations are influencing life and contribute positive changes to the society, in which BAP-ers always believe and aiming to.

  • PEOPLE Engineer team familiar with Japan, Australia, Singapore culture, with more than 8 years experience working for top companies. Capable from analysis to operating system stage.
  • TECHNOLOGY Utilized most-updated technologies to achieve greater performance, increase expandability, optimize budget for clients.
  • PRODUCT Omotenashi and Kodawari spirits perform throughout the process from consultancy stage to operating stage. BAP would be able to consult more effective as we has been developing multiple products for our own.
  • BUSINESS SCALE Over 420 engineers with offices in 6 cities, certified in Quality Management ISO 9001, Information Security Management ISO 27001. Vietnam’s Top 20 Golden Brands 2020 in Product Quality category. Vietnam’s Top 10 ICT companies 2020,2021 ( revenue, AI, Blockchain).

Top 10 Vietnam ICT companies 2021
(AI and BLOCKCHAIN field, and Revenue)


Our Clients

Regardless of the size and type of business of the company, there are examples of companies that using BAP developing teams.

"BAP had a good team to solve common issue in offshore development."

Co.,Ltd Matsumoto Hidemori CEO

"A great comtor and a quick to respond team. It is “BAP only”"

Assistant Manager, NTT DATA NJK Corporation

"The reason we order to BAP is we will get higher performance than we requested."

Sub Manager, iXIT Corporation

Global Presence

As a advanced partner in digital transformation, BAP delivers outstanding services worldwide.

  • Ha Noi - Viet Nam
  • Hue, Vietnam
  • Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Ho Chi Minh, VietNam
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Osaka, Japan