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VR Meeting

Challenges: Connecting people is the biggest purpose of any communication tool. As the development of the internet, a lot of tools helps people to chat, voice call, or video call in realtime. VR technology is bringing a new method to how people connect with each other. Even they are far away, people can interact with each other like they are in the same place. For example, they can watch the same contents, they can feel they are sitting next to each other, they can even feel they can touch things or pass things to other people. If you are looking for building a system that provides a Virtual reality space that end-users can enjoy events, watching presentations,…together with many others, BAP is ready to help Solution: VR meeting is a system that BAP has been developed and built up. It can help people from all over the world can join in a virtual reality space and do the meeting together. In this system, end-users can Select the avatar to join VR meeting. End-users can customize their avatar by choosing body, hairstyle, eye color, … so there is no boring time when other people meet. Watch presentation or organize a presentation by showing the slides on the virtual board Can Talk or discuss directly with many other people VR meeting is just a sample of what BAP can help to provide the solution to any customer. In terms of VR technology, we are always researching and developing a new tool for customers’ needs and we want to be the top leader in this technology era. Not only VR meeting, we are proud of the systems that we have researched and developed because there are a lot of new technologies such as AI, Big data, GPS, Maps….are implemented. On another hand, we […]


Convert Cobol To Java

Challenges: COBOL is an old language that has existed for more than 40 years, but this is still used in many systems of business today, especially in banking and car industries. Systems have been formed since the 2000s in older platforms such as the Cosminexus server, using EUR – export files in PDF, TP1 (Batch & Job). In addition, the problem of integrated platforms is no longer supported and operational, leading to difficult maintenance. This is also the reason why many businesses have a need to enhance the system, convert the current system from COBOL to JAVA 11. Solutions: COBOL is a structured language, so converting to JAVA can use the tool. But when converting to JAVA, all of the systems and current Middleware also need to enhance to ensure the system that works. Therefore, BAP suggests some solutions for businesses: Convert COBOL to JAVA For COBOL files to write business logic: Using the tool to convert source from COBOL to JAVA. When using such a tool will ensure the complicated logic converted with a high accuracy rate. After converting the system is to do the test and adjust. Testing and adjusting will spend time and money more compared to creating a new one. But the converted JAVA source code is quite difficult to read and it requires an experienced team to maintain the system. For COBOL Web files: Converting HTML is impossible, so the solution is to use the Layout design file, tool to create HTML, and the necessary classes in JAVA like Bean, Validator,… The Cosminexus sever and Middleware: Along with the converting COBOL, the current platforms are also upgraded the following: Cosminexus: Converting to Centos 7 (the newest version), Tomcat (Jboss,…) EUR: Converting to SVF TP1: Converting to Ansible Tower In addition, converting COBOL either requires businesses […]


Migration from COBOL to Java

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. お客様の背景 お客様は、近くレガシーシステムに伴うクラウド化を計画しています。レガシーシステムの言語はCOBOL、JCLなどを使用しています。 COBOLからJavaへのマイグレーションを実行すれば、標準化されたJavaアプリ開発のSpringフレームワーク運用が行えるようになります。 Javaアプリケーションは現在最も汎用性が高いアプリの1つであるため、システムのJava化を行うことができれば、業務フローや業務効率の大幅な改善にもつながります。 弊社の提案 BAPの提案を紹介されています。 ・マイグレーションする前に、 COBOLアプリケーションの機能とビジネスロジックを詳しく理解しないといけないです。アプリケーションの規模や複雑さ、依存関係、データベース接続などの評価を行います。 ・プロジェクトの移行プロセスをフェース分けして実施することを提案します。 ・コード分析とデータの交換: COBOLアプリケーションの要件に基づいて、適切な Java Spring Frameworkを選択します。 COBOLアプリケーションで使用されているデータベースやデータフォーマットを Javaに対応する形式に変更します。 ・テストとデバッグ:マイグレーションされた Javaアプリケーションをテストすることが必要です。ユニットテスト・統合テスト・システムテストなどまで BAP側で実施しております。デバッグや修正が必要な場合には、迅速に対処します。 COBOLからJavaへのマイグレーションの効果 以下のような効果が期待できます。 技術的な効果: Javaは広く普及しており、豊富なツールやライブラリが利用可能、また再利用可能なコンポーネントや豊富な機能を活用することで開発時間やコストを削減できます。 保守性と可読性の向上: Javaはオブジェクト指向プログラミングに基づいており、 COBOLよりも保守うと可読性が高い、 Javaのコードはモジュール化され、より理解しやすいです。 スケーラビリティの向上: Java Spring Frameworkは水平方向のスケーラビリティを提供し、システムの成長や負担増加に対応できます。 拡張性と新機能の追加: アプリケーションに新機能を追加する際に柔軟性が向上、 Javaのオープンソースコミュニティは活用であり、新しいテクノロジーやベストプラクティスが共有されていることにより、最新の開発トレンドやセキュリティ対策を取り入れることができます。


VR Training App

Challenge: Almost all business have training program for new employees, but they have the following issues; High cost: Transportation and accommodation costs are required for new employees to gather. High turnover rate: There is a large difference between what new employees think before being assigned and reality in their jobs, and many people quit their job early. Trainer: If there are many trainees, many trainers should be assigned to it for a long time. Solution: To solve the above issues, we have developed a VR application that combines 360-degree video and some quizzes. The following effects can be expected in this application. ; Trainees can use this app individually at each place, so they don’t need to gather in one place. Business can cut the transportation and accommodation costs required for general training. The immersive feeling in VR allows trainees to experience the feeling of being in the field. A more realistic work experience on VR will help reduce the differences between their impression and reality in their jobs. With regard to VR technology, BAP is constantly developing new tools that meet the needs of our customers and wants to be a top leader in the technology. Not limited to VR, many new technologies such as AI, big data, GPS, and maps can be implemented. We will collect requirements from customers and build a system that meets all business needs. If you would like to know more details, please contact


KINTONE – Business Improvement Platform 

Challenges: The traditional method of filling in work content check forms by hand is time-consuming and causes service implementation and reporting to take longer than it should because of the time required to retype the data for data utilization. The man-hours required to prepare and input daily reports are quite high, which can lead to errors and waste of time and resources.  Solution: In order to solve the manpower shortage problem and improve the efficiency of application processing, BAP has developed a variety of excellent systems such as billing management, payment management, payment management, client management, approval, and seal request, based on the functions of the KINTONE platform through API integration and plug-ins using JavaScript and CSS.  Based on the developed system, data management can be checked in real time, and payment/receipt evidence and reports can be added immediately for feedback, questions, and corrections. The Print Creator function allows immediate output of summary statements and other documents. The time from instructions to reporting has been reduced by a large amount. Also, the ability to review previously saved datas earlier improves work quality and speed.   Development Form   Lab   Development Language  HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP  Product  Web  Development Site   BAP Software 


Japanpage_Picks Application

Challenges: Sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage, first mentioned in history books some 1,300 years ago. Are there limits to how much sake can be promoted domestically and internationally with traditional PR, communication, and delivery methods? BAP not only solves the above problems, but also designs Japanpage:Picks applications to meet the above demands of our clients and provide the best technical solutions for their products. Solution: With the Japanpage:Picks application, users can experience all the features without having to log in. The application allows users to access product pages for sake, whiskey, shochu, etc., and all information provided by the business. Information is displayed not only in Japanese, but also in other languages such as English, French, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. You can also browse news, editorial articles, and a wide variety of content media. Additionally, the application can scan QR codes on product labels to identify and display brand names. We are confident in this system we have researched and developed, as it implements many new technologies such as AI, big data, GPS, and maps. We will also collect requirements from our clients and build a system that will meet all their business needs.   Development Form  Lab Development Language PHP CSS Html Javascript MySQL React-native Shopify Product  Android, iOS Development Site  BAP Software