Service Overview

BAP is the only outsourcing company listed in Fintech Vietnam ecosystem, one of the first companies developing software, application/website by blockchain technology in Vietnam.

Blockchain Service

  • Token release
    By public network like bitcoin, ethereum, stellar.. using smartcontract or non-smartcontract.
  • Virtual currency trading system
    We have done 4 e-trading platform projects in different countries, certified after passed all legal process. Secure personal information, conduct Cost & Scale-Up on Kubernetes system using AI.
  • Private network development
    This is where we differentiate ourself from other companies that only offer public network. BAP also capable of building blockchain network from developing consensus mechanism, server full node,..


MetaverseLand – Virtual Space

Challenges:   The COVID-19 pandemic has caused millions of unemployed people, many of whom have turned to a form of earning virtual currency by playing online games. It is slowly becoming a worldwide “fever” because of the ability to earn real money in the virtual...


NFT Game

Challenge: NFT game is a game where assets like characters, items, currencies… are NFT assets. It means that all assets have value, and players can buy or sell them by cryptocurrencies at market value to earn money. Main features and fun of NFT games:...



Challenge: Customer who have big connection with anime  publishers in Japan. They really want to build, What can BAP provide? Solution: BAP blockchain engineer built very quickly a NFT market place. User can connect metamask to buy, sell famous anime pictures. We also built...


BAP Coin

Challenges: Building an internal reward system is very interesting, but there are many businesses that cannot make it true due to many reasons. The main reason is that they do not have technological specialists to consult and give ideas. In this situation, BAP can...


Crypto Trading

Challenge: Our Client needs to develop a cryptocurrency exchange that requires being able to trade with crypto pairs, top10 coinmarketcap such as BTC, ETH, RIPPLE … requires fast matching speed and high security. Including complete KYC and reporting systems because the customer is an...



Challenge: In the exchange market like Cryptocurrency, if you are late to trade, you will get more consequences as the rate of coins changes over time. Being expertise in the technology to be able to provide a full view of the market in real...