BAP is the only outsourcing company listed in Fintech Vietnam ecosystem, one of the first companies developing software, application/website by blockchain technology in vietnam.

01 Blockchain Service

Token release

Token release

By public network like bitcoin, ethereum, stellar.. using smartcontract or non-smartcontract

E-trading platform

E-trading platform

We have doned 4 e-trading platform projects in different countries, certified after passed all legal process.

Private network development

Private network development

This is where we differentiate ourself from other companies that only offer public network. BAP also caplable of building blockchain network from developing consensus mechanism, server full node,..

02 Case study

blockchain-technology |
blockchain-technology |
blockchain-technology |

Smart Trading

Smart Trading is an automated trading engine that makes money while you sleep. Obtain price information from multiple exchanges in real time and perform automatic trading...

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Crypto Currency / Digital Asset manager

Our customers have applied a successful Crypto Management app when they selected us as an offshoring partner. For this function, users can install on Google Play and experience with auto trading that allows users to sell and buy together. Furthermore, when users access the...

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Crypto Exchange

BAP has a track record of developing three exchanges so far. Basic Exchange System Kit Summary Personal Wallet 12 kind of crypto Buy/Sell Chart Chat system Cold wallet Read more : Updating...

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Game Smart Rock-Scissor-Paper

Smart-contract-based on Rock-Paper-Scissor game which runs on Ethereum Blockchain...

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    We are very pleased to answer all questions about Offshore development services at BAP. Please select the information you would like to find out:

    I am concerned about communication, like my detailed requests are not understood. Would it be an issue when communicating through other foreign languages?
    Not only development, can I request your maintenance service when operating the system?
    I usually care more about quality while doing Offshore. Could you ensure a high quality project?
    When I request an Offshore service, what materials and regulation should I prepare?
    I’m thinking of requesting an offshore for our specialized system. Could your company handle those special requirements?
    Can we visit your technical hub, where the software has been developing?
    I want to have an AI project. Can I request your company?
    Please tell me about your capability and processes.
    How can you assure your quality?
    How can you assure your committed timeline?
    How are your payment terms?
    How is your liquidation process?
    If there is an emergency case, what is your process to have a quick response?
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