Service Overview

With over 20 engineers, we are one of a few companies offers both consultants and development engineer crews in AI field. We have great Data Sciencetist, Deep Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, together with BPO data labeling service, improve accuracy to save cost for customers. Java, Python, Lisp, Prolog…are development languages, implement with auto-train, re-train model gave us a lot of expeiences in building project from scratch.

AI Service

  • Text Recognition
    Recognize text, picture, sounds by predefined data. OCR technology only implemented if other technology can't read the text type, to ensure the speed of text reading.
  • Image Proccesing
    Process image from camera to sort out key parameters như age, gender of the customers. We also use open source code libraries to process image like Opencv, VXL,...and machine learning framework as TensorFlow or Pytorch... We also use deep learning neutral network as GANS, DNNS...
  • Natural Language Processing
    A technical research in the interaction between computers & human. At BAP, we research chatbot applications that are capable of extracting data or application that can search, analyze user's hobbies, opinion from blog or social media platforms.
  • Voice Recognition
    A technique to process natural language through sounds. At BAP, we do voice recognition and summarization, helps computers understand human's order and transform text data into voices.
  • Traing-cost optimization
    Secure personal information, conduct Cost&Scale-up on Kubernetes system using AI.


Smart OCR

Challenges: Knowledge is humanity’s greatest asset. Books are invented to keep the knowledge is well-shared from generation to generation. However, in the digital transformation age, we need to transfer the data from books to digital databases. If you are looking for a method to...



Challenges: The modern people nowadays are always busy, they don’t even have time to go shopping for their necessities. On the other hand, fashion retailers are facing abandoning baskets when it comes to online shopping and huge amounts of returned items to the stores...


Smart E-learning

Challenges: Building learning contents are one of the most important factors of businesses to enhance the quality of teaching as well as learners’ experience, so does your business own a learning management system (LMS) to do it? BAP offers Smart E-learning in this situation,...


Horse Racing Forecast AI System

Challenges: The introduction of technology applications makes it easier to predict horse racing results. Does your company have an application that helps users predict outcomes? Together with the user’s experience and understanding of horse racing in combination with the AI-KEIBA system, we have developed...



Artificial intelligence automatically creates character illustration images. BAP is always able to develop similar systems...