Service Overview

With 20+ engineers, our AI team offers comprehensive consulting and development services. We specialize in Data Science, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning. Our expertise extends to BPO data labeling for enhanced accuracy and cost efficiency. Proficient in Java, Python, Lisp, Prolog, we excel in auto-training and re-training models, with a track record of building projects from the ground up.

AI Service

  • Text Recognition
    Our technology seamlessly identifies text, images, and sounds using pre-defined data. We prioritize efficiency by employing OCR technology only when other methods encounter difficulty in reading specific text types, ensuring swift and accurate text processing.
  • Image Proccesing
    We use live camera feeds and advanced image processing, extracting customer parameters like age and gender. Employing open-source libraries (OpenCV, VXL) and machine learning frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch), we enhance accuracy with deep learning neural networks, including GANs and DNNs.
  • Natural Language Processing
    At BAP, our technical research focuses on the dynamic interaction between computers and humans. We specialize in using chatbots to extract valuable data, adeptly analyzing user hobbies and opinions from diverse sources, including blogs and social media platforms.
  • Voice Recognition
    We specialize in a cutting-edge technique for processing natural language through sounds. Our expertise lies in voice recognition and summarization, enabling computers to comprehend human commands and seamlessly transform text data into spoken voices.
  • Traing-cost optimization
    At BAP, we ensure secure personal information handling and leverage AI for cost-effective scaling on Kubernetes systems.


AI-EDU – Automated Classroom Question Creation

In today’s world, automation has spread to a wide range of industries, including education and training. As EdTech revolutionizes traditional methods of training in these domains, businesses are increasingly investing in modern training tools. It reflects a reconsideration of older training methods in response...


Power Consumption AI Prediction: Smart Energy Management

1. Overview  In recent years, economic development and the pursuit of comfort have significantly increased energy demand. The importance of optimizing energy systems is apparent in light of the limited energy resources and the urgency to on serve energy. As a result, the market...


Virtual Power Plant System: An innovative method of energy management

1. Overview  A number of technological advancements as well as climate changes are affecting the energy industry worldwide. In addition to traditional centralized power plants, distributed energy resources (DERs), such as solar energy and energy storage systems, are now being deployed to complement them....


Forecast Time Series on AWS

Overview – Predict power consumption of various sites based on past data and weather data. – Serverless system running on AWS – Collect data from IOT Advantages – Cost savings – Environmental protection – Avoid wasting energy Problem – Real-time processing – Build on...


Human Resource Optimization

Overview: Advantages: – Save cost and training efforts – Avoid redundant resources and employees. – Save cost – Help people recognize health problems from a very early stage – Become a reliable reference to doctor when diagnosing and making decisons...


Medical Image Analysis

OVERVIEW – Procedures such as detecting tumors, artery stenosis, organ delineation employ various different methods and frameworks like MapReduce to find optimal parameters for tasks like lung texture classification. – It applies machine learning methods, support vector machines (SVM), content-based medical image indexing, and...