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Smart OCR

Challenges: Knowledge is humanity’s greatest asset. Books are invented to keep the knowledge is well-shared from generation to generation. However, in the digital transformation age, we need to transfer the data from books to digital databases. If you are looking for a method to transform the information from papers, books, or even you want to build a solution to help people to copy the information on what they see by using the smartphone application, Smart OCR is the solution that BAP can provide for those business purposes Solution: SmartOCR is an application that provides the functionality to read the text from any pictures. End-user can simply drop the pictures to the application, it will automatically read the text from pictures and copy it, end-user can paste that text to wherever they want. Moreover, end-user can use the smartphone’s camera to zoom to what they want to read, SmartOCR will do its job perfectly by reading the text and copy it to end-users, the function is quite simple and easy to use but there is a smart system behind to make it work perfectly. We are proud of the systems that we have researched and developed because there are a lot of new technologies such as AI, Big data, GPS, Maps….are implemented. On the other hand, we also listen to get more requirements from customers to build a suitable system for any business needs. Send us a message to then we can discuss more and explore new adventure together



Challenges: The modern people nowadays are always busy, they don’t even have time to go shopping for their necessities. On the other hand, fashion retailers are facing abandoning baskets when it comes to online shopping and huge amounts of returned items to the stores because of mis-sized or color issues. SMART FASHION is born to help fashion retailers solve that problem by applying AI technology into trying clothes on virtually and suggesting matching items with the user’s current clothing in their wardrobe. Solution: SMART FASHION is a new weapon to get rid of this distance. On this app, users are able to use the virtual fitting room to try on clothes, furthermore, they can style themselves from their own wardrobe with suggesting items on the app, Smart Fashion will then score the matching outfits created by end users . This is a solution for time-saving and enhancing user experience on E-commerce, or retailers. In order to do that, machine learning plays the key role in developing this app, when people can feel like they are real on each clothing items. This can be considered as one of the best developments by BAP’s team. BAP is a company that provides solutions for businesses . Besides the written down requirements from customers, we are ready to give ideas to contribute to the best performance. Our engineers have a lot of experience in Japanese’s companies and have worked with Japanese clients, so we can provide ideas which fit with Japanese culture as well. Besides AI technology, we can also provide other technological services – Blockchain, Web Application, Big Data, and Game, or and ERP… Development Form Lab Development Language AI Deep Learning Machine Learning Product Web, IOS, Android Development Site BAP Software


Smart E-learning

Challenges: Building learning contents are one of the most important factors of businesses to enhance the quality of teaching as well as learners’ experience, so does your business own a learning management system (LMS) to do it? BAP offers Smart E-learning in this situation, which is a solution to help users gain the best experience in learning, teaching. Solutions: Integrated with Big Data, AI technologies, Smart E-learning is a smart learning management system that allows targets like educational centers which can customize according to personal positions such as Learners, Teachers or trainers, and Administrators. And each position has its own functions: For learners, they also can attend the Livestream lessons with teachers, and they can take full advantage of chatting with teachers, groups to discuss with each other. The Livestream feature is easy to use like Live Dreamer Application which is another app developed by BAP. Also, they also keep track of their competencies, awards, grade, calendar for scheduling course, or store their private documents on this platform. On this platform, teachers can upload their teaching contents, create tests, and manage learners’ badges, they also generate contents with various formats including video, PDF, Word, Excel,…and they will score learners through assignments as well. Besides, they are able to create groups to discuss lessons, questions,… For Administrators, who are able to manage teachers and students to see what they are doing, whether or not their curricula are effective from report analytics. Or they also add, customize the content, even revise the authority of others. They either delegate to teachers with many functions like reports, plugins if they want. For functions of creating interactions on interfaces like Forum, Wiki,..that allows users to discuss about knowledge, topic,….The platform is available on Web and Applications including iOS, as well as Android, so that users […]


Horse Racing Forecast AI System

Challenges: The introduction of technology applications makes it easier to predict horse racing results. Does your company have an application that helps users predict outcomes? Together with the user’s experience and understanding of horse racing in combination with the AI-KEIBA system, we have developed a great system to make our customers’ betting decisions more accurate. Solution: Keiba App is a support application that keeps track of weekly match information in Japan. It also supports prediction and betting according to the rules of the Japan Equestrian Federation. From the available data and results, AI-KEIBA uses machine learning, deep learning technology, and data analysis algorithms as the primary foundation to train and create optimal AI systems for horse racing prediction. The AI system automatically learns, analyzes and calculates a huge amount of information about all horse races, race results, all jockey information, coaches, training information, and a huge amount of information about race horse training time, weather conditions, and racetracks over the last 10 years. Then we will make a prediction with the highest possible probability in each weekly race. Development Form Lab Ngôn ngữ lập trình Python C# React Sản phẩm Web, IOS, Android Nhà phát triển BAP Software



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