At BAP, we always utilize the most-updated & the best performance technology to develop website and app. We also happy to join the client from idea phase to design, develop and operation phase. Furthermore, we could also join the designing stage and deploy offshoring for a part of the project.

01 Website/Smartphone App Services



We are specialize in Ruby On Rails, Java, PHP...In frontend, we utilize vue.js, Angular.js,.. assure the web applications run well on smartphone and tablet system.



We are one of the first hybrid app development company in vietnam, ultilize react native, app native together with code swift, java, object c...We also offer quality consultant crew for app UX for Japan, Singapore & Vietnam market.

02 Case study

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BAP Coin

BAP Coin App is  understood as a company’s issued coin, which allows companies to reward their internal staff with coins instead of real money. With the virtual coins, their internal can transfer, shop around via payment QR code or amongst contacts, groups on BAP...

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Dating Chat App

We have satisfied our customers when their dating chat app has been published and welcomed by users in Japan. The app is developed with many outstanding functions including free-charge message, auto matching as well as recommendation one. Our engineers have made customers satisfied so...

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Jimoful has earned the reputation as a commercial page, which is quite the latest platform for videos in Japan. On this platform, users can leave “likes” with the short video about 15s. In addition, when downloading the app, you are able to edit your...

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Exchange Market App

Exchange Market App is designed and developed by BAP, where we conducted based on customers’ requirements with a range of functions. On this platform, users can freely publish products or some used items on the market, this creates connection amongst people when they can...

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Trip Conductor

Trip Conductor provides solutions for  users that can connect with travelers and locals when they have a trip to a place. In addition, when users have demand to conduct a payment, they are capable of using the app for this. If you are interested,...

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BTC Giao Dich

Challenges: When it comes to cryptocurrency exchange platforms, every business has concerned with hacking and robbing problems for their own customers and leading their reputation. BTC exchange platform is not one of those platforms developed by BAP. Solution: Our BTC platform enables users to...

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