Service Overview

At BAP, we consistently employ the latest and highest-performing technologies for web and mobile development. We are delighted to accompany our clients throughout the entire process, from the idea phase to design, development, and operation. Moreover, we offer the flexibility to join in the design stage and facilitate offshoring for specific project components.

Website/Smartphone App Services

  • Web application
    We specialize in Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP for backend development, and employ Vue.js, Angular.js for frontend, ensuring seamless performance on both smartphone and tablet systems for web applications.
  • Smartphone Application
    As pioneers in hybrid app development in Vietnam, we leverage React Native, along with native app development using Swift, Java, and Objective-C. Additionally, our expert consulting team ensures high-quality app user experience tailored for the markets of Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam.


Human Resources Management System: A Revolutionary Approach

1. Overview In the wake of rapid technological advances and digital transformation, enterprises are being urged to redefine corporate governance. Amidst this evolution, human resources and personnel management stand as pivotal factors, profoundly influencing business development.  2. Challenges It is challenging for enterprises to...


GolfAR application: Enhance the golfing experience

Overview  Since the rapid advancement of technology, AR integration has become an essential and integral part of a wide variety of fields, including golf. With this fusion of tradition and technology, golf players have a better experience than ever before.   This case study...


A trade platform for The US and Japanese markets

I. Overview Investing has never been easy, especially for beginners and individuals with a limited budget and a limited understanding of the market. Stay with us in this article to see how technology solves those obstacles and changes the investment game with a cutting-edge...


One-to-One Lesson Management System

Challenge: A music school is a platform where teachers and students can offer one-on-one online lessons. In order to solve current problems at the school, we would like to implement the following proposals: Provide an educational platform that meets the needs of students, where...


Business Matching App

Challenge: Business matching applications need to meet the requirements of: Ensure that the information about the partners/person/companies is accurate, sufficient and reliable. Have an easily accessible, convenient, multi-channel connection. Can schedule events together on the platform. Save the history of transactions made, exchanged in...


NFT Marketplace 

Challenge: NFT marketplaces are platforms where NFTs can be stored, displayed, traded, or even be-ing minted (created). It’s similar to what ecom platforms like Amazon, eBay do for real goods. The digital assets have had significant dominance over the NFT marketplace and now many...