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Game Smart Rock-Scissor-Paper

Smart-contract-based on Rock-Paper-Scissor game which runs on Ethereum Blockchain

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Crypto Trading

Challenge: Our Client needs to develop a cryptocurrency exchange that requires being able to trade with crypto pairs, top10 coinmarketcap such as BTC, ETH, RIPPLE ... requires fast matching speed and high security. Including complete KYC and reporting systems because the customer is an overseas virtual currency licensed business. Solution: Bap Software has successfully built a digital currency exchange, allowing users to exchange exchange currencies with coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, ERC20 Tokens. In addition, we integrate KYC with identification function, anti-money laundering. For security, we have applied technologies such as Cold Wallet, Multisignature Wallet, TFA, which have been used by many large corporations in the cryptocurrency industry. BAP Software has created a virtual currency exchange on the process of a platform , Safe and powerful trading platform. We have professional engineers who bring a secure solution to the digital currency platform. In addition, we also develop smart contracts on ethereum and binance smart chain, NFT, Defi, P2P trading, blockchain game.   Development Form Lab Development Language Java Ruby Node AWS React Native Product Web Development Site BAP Software

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BAP Coin

Challenges: Building an internal reward system is very interesting, but there are many businesses that cannot make it true due to many reasons. The main reason is that they do not have technological specialists to consult and give ideas. In this situation, BAP can share and help businesses to build a system like BAP Coin App. Solutions: BAP Coin App is understood as a company’s issued coin, which allows companies to reward their internal staff with coins instead of real money. With the virtual coins, their internal can transfer, shop around via payment QR code or amongst contacts, groups on BAP Coin, moreover, they are able to transfer that coins from their wallet into money from issuers of BAP Coin (Companies). For this app, Organizations or companies can create their own currency from internal to external as an ecosystem. This is considered as one of the most successful Blockchain technologies by BAP, we bring benefits to businesses. We not only provide offshoring service but give the best ideas to businesses from in-house team. Our engineers are confident to design and develop any technologies including AI, Big Data, Blockchain, ERP,.. based on businesses’ requirements. If your business wants to create any platforms, please feel free to contact us to get consulted. Client BAP IT Development Form Lab Development Language React native Stellar blockchain Product Web, IOS, Android Development Site BAP Software URL APP Store Play Store

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Crypto Management Wallet App

Challenges: Many businesses are getting difficult in developing a cryptocurrency platform, simply because there are no technological consultants for their own products. Keep calm, BAP is here to give businesses a helping hand, as we have built various successful platforms such as Crypto Management App. Solutions: Our customers have applied a successful Crypto Management App, since they selected us as an offshoring partner. About app’s functions, users can connect with 15 API of Crypto Exchange, or they are able to use auto trading feature for selling and buying. Furthermore, when users access the app, the display chart will indicate in front of their eyes in order that they can watch the chart’s indexes immediately. Now, users can install on Google Play and experience anytime they want. This is just one of successful Cryptocurrency platforms from BAP, we have ability to provide more technologies including AI, Blockchain, Big Data, ERP,… for businesses’ projects. Our engineers will help businesses which get more successful from giving ideas to making it into final products. Moreover, they also have working experience in Japanese’s companies, this is the major advantage for Japaneses’ businesses to collab with us. Development Form Lab Development Language React native Ruby Mysql Amazon aws Product Android Development Site BAP Software

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Crypto Exchange

Challenges: To build a cryptocurrency platform will be a long story of business, basically because they need to have factors including guidance, partners who can recommend them what functions they should apply, or how to avoid the abundant functions in the system, and how to enhance users experience. Don’t worry! BAP converges the above elements that we helped our customers to build an exchange platform like Crypto Exchange. Solutions: For this app, users can experience with 12 kinds of cryptocurrency to exchange, or they are also able to access the buying and selling function to trade with ease. Moreover, the chart of the platform display easily for users who can follow and update information about the market. Specifically, on this application, users can touch the chat feature to talk, or connect with the exchange stakeholders. Additionally, users can be secured when the system is equipped with a cold wallet helping them trade more safely, or personal wallet lets users can control and follow up their transactions. It can be said that this is one of our success in Blockchain technology, and BAP also has the ability to create many other platforms based on technologies including AI, Big Data, ERP,.. Furthermore, our engineers are enthusiastic about helping customers from requirement to the final products, and they either have working experience in Japanes’s companies, therefore, they can communicate and understand customers in Japan easily. Development Form Lab Development language Blockchain Development Site BAP Software

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Challenge: In the exchange market like Cryptocurrency, if you are late to trade, you will get more consequences as the rate of coins changes over time. Being expertise in the technology to be able to provide a full view of the market in real time and high speed in trading is the most important point for those want to build a platform. What can BAP provide? Solution: SMART TRADING Web from BAP has been born to give you a chance since this was created by Redis in order to store datas totally and enhance the speed of trading as well. On this platform, you can see the 2 main crypto currencies including BTC and ETH. Furthermore, you have the ability to view coins’ price at the realtime, and check history as well as statistic profits. This is supported by other exchange markets such as Coincheck, Zaif, Bitflyer, Binance, Quoine, Bittrex, Hitbtc. BAP has contributed the highest efforts from our in-house engineers to conduct this platform for our customers so that they can get rid of the pain point of speed from their previous platform. We understood and mastered ideas to customers quickly, and they evaluated us as a right partner to collaborate in the long run. BAP ensures that we are able to develop and design the best white-label exchange platforms according to customers’ requirements, our team is always ready to work with customers from the beginning to the end of products. Development Form Lab Development Language PHP Redis Blockchain Product Web Development Site BAP Software

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