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At BAP, we always seek for innovation in every single project, increase performance, utilize new technologies for our customer’s satisfaction.

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Food Delivery

Challenges: Have you ever want to order the tasty food to deliver to your home from the restaurant but they don’t have a delivery service? The needs of end-users, who want to enjoy the tasty food at home or wherever they are, is real and increases rapidly as modern people are busy with their work, their hobbies or family caring. Moreover, many restaurants cannot afford to have their own delivery service cause it will take the cost to build it but they want to sell more and more to customers to increase sales. At the same time, many people want to earn extra money and willing to do the delivery service as a shipper when they have free time or are available in their nearby locations. If you are planning to build a platform that helps end-users to order food from non-delivery service restaurants, help restaurant owners to increase their sales, and help people to earn extra money when doing the delivery service in their free time, we are ready to help.

Solution: Food delivery Application is a perfect solution that BAP has researched and developed. It provides 4 main functions to 4 groups such as end-users, restaurants owners, shippers, administrators as below
Restaurant owners can register the menu a well as its location, receive the orders from end-users via the application, and get the information about the shipper, who will come to collect food and where the shipper is.
End-users can search the food, give the order and register the address where they want to receive the food, pay via the application and monitor the process of delivery, where the shipper is now.
Shipper, by using his or her mobile device, can register to become a shipper, receive the deliver task from the system then go to the restaurant to collect food and ship to end-users
Administrators can manage the restaurant registration, shipper registration, get the payment from end-users and give the payment to the shipper and restaurant owners after deducting the commission. They can also support end-users, restaurants, shipper to solve the unpredictable problem during the service flow as well as run campaign to increase the sale in a particular period.

Above main functions are just a short summary of what system can do. There are a lot of more functions and it will be a long list to describe.
Behind the above workflow is a big system. We are proud of this system that we have researched and developed because there are a lot of new technologies such as AI, Big data, GPS, Maps….are implemented. On another hand, we also listen to get more requirements from customers to build a suitable system for any business needs. Send us a message to then we can discuss more and explore new adventure together.

AI |


Challenges: The modern people nowadays are always busy, they don’t even have time to go shopping for their necessities. On the other hand, fashion retailers are facing abandoning baskets when it comes to online shopping and huge amounts of returned items to the stores because of mis-sized or color issues. SMART FASHION is born to help fashion retailers solve that problem by applying AI technology into trying clothes on virtually and suggesting matching items with the user’s current clothing in their wardrobe.

Solution: SMART FASHION is a new weapon to get rid of this distance. On this app, users are able to use the virtual fitting room to try on clothes, furthermore, they can style themselves from their own wardrobe with suggesting items on the app, Smart Fashion will then score the matching outfits created by end users . This is a solution for time-saving and enhancing user experience on E-commerce, or retailers. In order to do that, machine learning plays the key role in developing this app, when people can feel like they are real on each clothing items. This can be considered as one of the best developments by BAP’s team.

BAP is a company that provides solutions for businesses . Besides the written down requirements from customers, we are ready to give ideas to contribute to the best performance. Our engineers have a lot of experience in Japanese’s companies and have worked with Japanese clients, so we can provide ideas which fit with Japanese culture as well. Besides AI technology, we can also provide other technological services – Blockchain, Web Application, Big Data, and Game, or and ERP

Development FormLab
Development LanguageAI
Deep Learning
Machine Learning
ProductWeb, IOS, Android
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NFT Marketplace 


NFT marketplaces are platforms where NFTs can be stored, displayed, traded, or even be-ing minted (created). It’s similar to what ecom platforms like Amazon, eBay do for real goods.

The digital assets have had significant dominance over the NFT marketplace and now many physical assets are converted into NFTs. Many NFT marketplaces are available now but it doesn’t mean that it’s enough for the needs of the market.

NFT Marketplace keeps expanding. It’s not difficult to create your own NFT marketplace if you have good knowledge about blockchain, frontend and backend development experiences but it will consume time and your efforts and delay your timing to join this hot trend.


BAP development team – who has many experiences in NFT marketplace development with professional skill in:

  • Token standard
  • Blockchain technology
  • Frontend UI
  • Reliable and stable Backend

We will help to speed up the development process and help your ideas come true!

Our mission is to provide the best solutions for businesses and try to satisfy any requirements. Just send us your idea, we will give the best recommendations that are suitable for your projects.

Development FormFix price
Development Language– Java

– ReactJS


– Blockchain

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NFT Game

NFT game Cryptowar


NFT game is a game where assets like characters, items, currencies… are NFT assets. It means that all assets have value, and players can buy or sell them by cryptocurrencies at market value to earn money.

  • Main features and fun of NFT games:
    You can monetize in the game.
    You can create unique items.
    Items and characters can be used interchangeably in multiple games.
    Items remain even after the game is over.
    Hard to be cheated in the game.

The developers preserve certain items as rare and unique in these games and then the players can sell them as NFT. This is why some blockchain assets are considered more expensive than others.

It’s true that NFT games will help companies get more profit than normal games when considering the cost to develop. To do this, besides the game development techniques, you have to have a team that is expert about blockchain, NFT.


BAP development team have many experiences in NFT game development. We have expert team members who are expertise in these technologies below 

  • Blockchain technology
  • Frontend UI
  • Reliable and stable Backend
  • Game development

We will help to speed up the development process and help your ideas come true

DeFi Warrior is one of NFT games that is developed for Customer by  BAP development team.

Our mission is to provide the best solutions for businesses and try to satisfy any requirements. Just send us your idea, we will give the best recommendations that are suitable for your projects.

NFT game

Development Form

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Development LanguageUnity




ProductWeb, Application
Development Site

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Balance It 3D!

Take advantage of the housewares trending in the mobile game, we developed Balance It 3D! with a 3D art style on Unity engine. The game simulates gravity theory on housewares when players stack them all up.

With an impressive art style and amazing gameplay, Balance It 3D! reached the top 50 hottest puzzle games in Brazill (App Annie).

Development FormLab
Applied Technologies & Features3D
ProductIOS, Android
Development SiteBAP Software

AI |


Artificial intelligence automatically creates character illustration images.

BAP is always able to develop similar systems

smart anime app


Bomber Man 3D

Bomber Man is a new ball shooting game that will give you the most relaxing moment when staying home or after working.

There are main features of this game that attract your attention:

  • It is really easy to control by holding and releasing in order to throw the ball to your enemies and knock them out.
  • It is a simple game, and this has applied one rule for the whole game as long as you don’t hit yourself and try to throw the ball to your opponent.
  • The game has eye-catching visual, funny characters’ movements, impressive backgrounds.

Are you ready to play it? Let’s download now on IOS, and Android.

Development FormLab
Applied technologies & featuresUnity3D
ProductIOS, Android
Development SiteBAP Software


Top Students

Challenges: You can not build a system or provide a service if you don’t understand the needs of the customers. But understanding is not the necessary condition, you have to provide a proper solution to the problem. TOP STUDENT is a website that BAP created to show that we understand the customers’ problem and we can give the solution to help students and university.

Solution: TOP Student includes the main 3 functions. Firstly, Community function is for students to communicate, buy and or sell items, follow trends, rent apartments or share houses… The second is Review function : if end-users are high school students, they can make full use of the Review function of universities with the details including campus, canteen, entertainment,.. and the Third is Contest Organization : universities can connect with each other easily through contests from TOP Student. If you are ready to build a platform like that or even more, BAP is able to give you a helping hand.

BAP are confident to consult with businesses and give them the best ideas, besides, our engineers have working experience in Japanese’ companies, so that they can understand Japan culture and working style. From BAP’s perspective, we ensure that each business’s output products will be the best, and updated state-of-the-art technologies including AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Game, ERP,

Development FormLab
Development LanguageNodejs
React Native
ProductWeb, App
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Crypto Exchange

Challenges: To build a cryptocurrency platform will be a long story of business, basically because they need to have factors including guidance, partners who can recommend them what functions they should apply, or how to avoid the abundant functions in the system, and how to enhance users experience. Don’t worry! BAP converges the above elements that we helped our customers to build an exchange platform like Crypto Exchange.

Solutions: For this app, users can experience with 12 kinds of cryptocurrency to exchange, or they are also able to access the buying and selling function to trade with ease. Moreover, the chart of the platform display easily for users who can follow and update information about the market. Specifically, on this application, users can touch the chat feature to talk, or connect with the exchange stakeholders. Additionally, users can be secured when the system is equipped with a cold wallet helping them trade more safely, or personal wallet lets users can control and follow up their transactions.

It can be said that this is one of our success in Blockchain technology, and BAP also has the ability to create many other platforms based on technologies including AI, Big Data, ERP,.. Furthermore, our engineers are enthusiastic about helping customers from requirement to the final products, and they either have working experience in Japanes’s companies, therefore, they can communicate and understand customers in Japan easily.

Development FormLab
Development languageBlockchain
Development SiteBAP Software


Trip Conductor

Challenges: Travelling sector is developing more and more, but there are no many businesses which build successful travelling platforms to serve this demand. Because they cannot find the right partner to do it, or they lack features to attract end-users to use. Here BAP is to give business a helping hand, when we supported our partner who got successful with Trip Conductor platform.

Solutions: Trip Conductor provides solutions for users that can connect with travelers and locals when they have a trip to a place. In addition, when users have demand to conduct a payment, they are capable of using the app for this. Furthermore, we used Matching algorithm to enhance end-users’ experience , and they can easily find other travelers on this platform. At present, the app is available on iOS, and Android, so end-users can install to use anytime.

Adding to BAP’s successful items, we not only bring businesses value, but also help them get more successful in the long run. They just need to write requirements down, our highly qualified technicians will give the best ideas to them, and coordinate with them so as to create the best output products. Last but not least, our engineering team has deep knowledge of technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Big Data,Blockchain, ERP,… to meet any businesses’ needs

Development FormLab
Development LanguageReact native
Amazon aws
Development SiteBAP Software

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