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At BAP, we always seek for innovation in every single project, increase performance, utilize new technology for our customer’s satisfaction.

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Food Delivery

Challenges: Have you ever want to order the tasty food to deliver to your home from the restaurant but they don’t have a delivery service? The needs of end-users, who want to enjoy the tasty food at home or wherever they are, is real and increases rapidly as modern people are busy with their work, their hobbies or family caring. Moreover, many restaurants cannot afford to have their own delivery service cause it will take the cost to build it but they want to sell more and more to customers to increase sales. At the same time, many people want to earn extra money and willing to do the delivery service as a shipper when they have free time or are available in their nearby locations. If you are planning to build a platform that helps end-users to order food from non-delivery service restaurants, help restaurant owners to increase their sales, and help people to earn extra money when doing the delivery service in their free time, we are ready to help.

Solution: Food delivery Application is a perfect solution that BAP has researched and developed. It provides 4 main functions to 4 groups such as end-users, restaurants owners, shippers, administrators as below
Restaurant owners can register the menu a well as its location, receive the orders from end-users via the application, and get the information about the shipper, who will come to collect food and where the shipper is.
End-users can search the food, give the order and register the address where they want to receive the food, pay via the application and monitor the process of delivery, where the shipper is now.
Shipper, by using his or her mobile device, can register to become a shipper, receive the deliver task from the system then go to the restaurant to collect food and ship to end-users
Administrators can manage the restaurant registration, shipper registration, get the payment from end-users and give the payment shipper and restaurant owners after deducting the commission. They can also support end-users, restaurants, shipper to solve the unpredictable problem during the service flow as well as run campaign to increase the sale in a particular period

Above main functions are just a short summary of what system can do cause there are a lot of more functions and it will be a long list to describe
Behindding the above workflow is a big system. We are proud of this system that we have researched and developed because there are a lot of new technologies such as AI, Big data, GPS, Maps….are implemented. On another hand, we also listen to get more requirements from customers to build a suitable system for any business needs. Send us a message to sales@amp; then we can discuss more and explore new adventure together

AI |


Challenges: The modern people nowadays are alway busy, they don’t even have time to go shopping for their necessities. On the other hand, fashion retailers are facing abandoning baskets when it comes to online shopping and huge amounts of returned items to the stores because of mis-sized or color issues. SMART FASHION is born to help fashion retailers solve that problem by applying AI technology into trying clothes on virtually and suggesting matching items with the user’s current clothing in their wardrobe.

Solution: SMART FASHION is a new weapon to get rid of this distance. On this app, users are able to use the virtual fitting room to try on clothes, furthermore, they can style themselves from their own wardrobe with suggesting items on the app, Smart Fashion will then score the matching outfits created by end users . This is a solution for time-saving and enhancing user experience on E-commerce, or retailers. In order to do that, machine learning plays the key role in developing this app, when people can feel like they are real on each clothing items. This can be considered as one of the best developments by BAP’s team.

BAP is a company that provides solutions for businesses . Besides the written down requirements from customers, and we are ready to give ideas to contribute to the best performance. Our engineers have a lot of experience in Japanese’s companies and have worked with Japanese clients, so we can provide ideas which fit with Japanese culture as well. Besides AI technology, we can also provide other technological services – Blockchain, Web Application, Big Data, and Game, or and ERP

Development FormLab
Development LanguageAI
Deep Learning
Machine Learning
ProductWeb, IOS, Android
Development SiteBAP Software


Pitch The Disc

Are you ready for the most exciting and fierce disc battle ever? Let’s show off your deadly accuracy and take the aim at the enemies with Pitch The Disc.

This game will make you comfortable, and relax much. The outstanding features of the app:

  • You can defeat enemies with your fantal accuracy when releasing disc.
  • You draw a line to save yourself from enemies’ attacks.
  • You can conquer epic challenges to get the glory.

Let’s experience the game now.

Development FormLab
Applied technologies & featuresUnity3D
Realtime drawing
ProductIOS, Android
Development SiteBAP Software

AI |


Challenges: The introduction of technology applications makes it easier to predict horse racing results. Does your company have an application that helps users predict outcomes? Together with the user’s experience and understanding of horse racing in combination with the AI-KEIBA system, we have developed a great system to make our customers’ betting decisions more accurate.

Solution: Keiba App is a support application that keeps track of weekly match information in Japan. It also supports prediction and betting according to the rules of the Japan Equestrian Federation.

From the available data and results, AI-KEIBA uses machine learning, deep learning technology, and data analysis algorithms as the primary foundation to train and create optimal AI systems for horse racing prediction. The AI system automatically learns, analyzes and calculates a huge amount of information about all horse races, race results, all jockey information, coaches, training information, and a huge amount of information about race horse training time, weather conditions, and racetracks over the last 10 years. Then we will make a prediction with the highest possible probability in each weekly race.

Development FormLab
Ngôn ngữ lập trìnhPython
Sản phẩmWeb, IOS, Android
Nhà phát triểnBAP Software


Castle Rush 3D

Castle Rush 3D is a hyper-casual that simulates a simple battle game art style. With Castle Rush 3D, we aim to create a game that players only need one hand to control and relax. With the Unity engine, we make many interesting features with fantastic treating players by different modes and art effects.

Castle Rush 3D is now available on Appstore. We are developing on the Android version and it will come soon.

Development FormLab
Applied Technologies & Features3D
Development SiteBAP Software


Fill Me Color

Fill Me Color! is an exciting painting puzzle game that is available on Appstore, we are publishing on Google Play soon. This is a 3D art style game that is developed with Unity engine with amazing features so that players can experience interestedly and excitedly.

Take advantage of the color combinations and eye-catching artwork with easy control and simple gameplay, we developed Fill Me Colors! as a way to release pressure and find the most comfortable moments with the mobile game.

Development FormLab
Applied Technologies & Features3D
Development SiteBAP Software


Dating Chat App

Challenges: In the dating app segment, if businesses want to get successful, they must create different values for users. But most businesses cannot conduct it, as they lack technological consultants to give them a helping hand. BAP will be a technological consultant for you in order to develop an excellent dating app like Dating Chat App that BAP deployed.

Solutions: We have satisfied our customers when their dating chat app has been published and welcomed by users in Japan. The app is developed with many outstanding functions including free-charge message, auto matching as well as recommendation one. Our engineers have made customers satisfied so much, and their users are getting the best experience on the app, they can easily find, chat, and select targets matching with their profile estimated by %. Furthermore, We applied Matching algorithm so that users can find right persons based on their informational profiles.

BAP is proud when we could create an amazing app like that. Besides, we have a handful of same products that businesses can place trust in us. Our engineering team will play the important role in giving ideas, and conducting businesses’ requirements into products on time. We have working experience in applying technologies like AI, Big Data, Blockchain, ERP,… If your business would like to develop any technological platform, please feel free to contact us in order to get consulted.

Development FormLab
Development LanguageReact native
Amazon aws
Development SiteBAP Software


Magento Ecommerce Platform

Challenge: Ecommerce is growing bigger and bigger as lifestyles become busier and technology changes and improves, consumers are seeking new, more convenient methods to fulfil their sales needs. There are a lot more reason we can explore: tailored experience in which shoppers now get tailored experiences targeted to their unique customer profile, more choices in tern of product / price / size and color, user friendly experience, mobile adaptively in which you can do shopping anywhere and anytime, Omnichannel retailing, etc…

We have developed Magento 2 Ecommerce platform which is one of the most used by top brands: Nike, Helly Hansen, Cannon, Jaguar, Ford, etc… Magento 2 offer a lot that suite for all brands:

  • Flexibility: Magento is open-source which practically enables merchants to feel free in making any changes they want. Magento allows to bring all the ideas to life and meet all the requirements customizing backend or frontend.
  • Scalability: Magento offers its users a choice and an opportunity to develop. It’s completely scalable, so even if you go from selling fifty different products to five thousand different products, it will still continue to offer the features and performance you require.
  • Community: Magento have gathered a huge amount of developers, product & project managers, programmers, and even marketers all working as one mechanism to help merchant achieve better results.
  • Extension: Magento boasts the world’s largest eCommerce application market. There are thousands of different modules (extensions) available, can be developed in-house or purchased.


One of the brand we help to integrate Magento 2 platform include full package of eCommerce experience: Website eCommerce, Mobile Application eCommerce, Website and Mobile Application Point of Sale. All channel and store working around Magento core platform.

We did setup everything from scratch, integrate Magento 2 with client ERP system, and ensure it working smoothly. We also develop various extension following the need of client such as: customer group management or loyalty program like, shipping local extension with rate, add sale staff information and adjust report to fit with the need from client, etc…

On frontend we work with customer for nice theme that fit and express the most value of the product. All customize and can be easy to update, and maintain by helpdesk technician.

If you are looking for any development in Magento 2 universe: extension development, Magento integration from scratch, frontend Magento development, Magento maintenance, Magento mobile application or POS. You can contact us for more detail.

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