Service Overview

At BAP, we meticulously analyze even the most complex client requirements to construct technology products that facilitate scalable digital transformation across small, medium, and large enterprises. Beyond initial application development, we also craft products tailored to specific client demands as part of a comprehensive package.

Business Application Service

  • Migration from COBOL to JAVA
    With our team's extensive experience in migrating from COBOL to JAVA, we provide clients with multiple options tailored to their current COBOL version.
  • HR, Accounting Applications
    Our team, equipped with a robust understanding of Accounting and Human Resources, is capable of building products from scratch or customizing our software packages to swiftly adapt to the specific demands of our clients.
  • Production Management Applications
    We have extensive experience in developing supply chain management software tailored for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Distribution System Management
    We specialize in serving the Real Estate and Automobile industries.


Revolutionizing Equipment Management Through Digital Transformation

It is the goal of this initiative to enhance the management of equipment and machinery within factories in Vietnam, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries through the use of digital technologies. It is intended that an integrated system be developed in order to streamline factory...


Bkey – Revolutionizing Access Control Systems

In the evolution of physical access control credentials, the focus has shifted towards enhancing security, flexibility, and convenience at the door. The selection of access technology now considers not only security but also the needs of users and solution managers. This case study delves...


Odoo-powered, comprehensive digital transformation solutions

In an era of rapid scientific advancement, Digital Technology 4.0 is exerting its influence across the globe. It has become increasingly necessary to embrace transformative changes in management and business operations. Dive deeper into this paradigm shift through the illuminating case studies presented below! ...


Seamless Mobile Interaction with Security Door Lock Systems

In the realm of modern entry systems, a layered security approach is prevalent, allowing precise control over access to specific areas at specific times. In addition to enhancing overall security measures, access management ensures the protection of valuable assets, secures sensitive information, and creates...


Factory Data Entry with Zero Code Model

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, the demand for streamlined data integration and management across diverse factory structures has become undeniable.   In this article, we will together explore a system that tackles the complex challenges associated with harmonizing data from multiple factories, providing tailored...


Transforming Korean Logistics: Innovating for Enhanced Efficiency

1. Overview  In a competitive market, the efficiency of a delivery system can be the key differentiator. This business case outlines a strategic initiative to build a revolutionary delivery system that connects seamlessly, eliminates bottlenecks, and optimizes routes through the integration of small transit...