Service Overview

At BAP, we analyze client’s requirements even the most complex major to build technology products, helps digital transformation process at scale from small, medium to big. Beside of developing application at the beginning, we also building product which is part of a package based on client’s demand.

Business Application Service

  • Migration from COBOL to JAVA
    Our key member has experiences in migration from COBOL to JAVA, we offer multiple choices based on the current COBOL version for client.
  • HR, Accounting application
    Our crew with solid understanding in Accounting and Human Resources can build product from beginning or customize our software package in order to quickly adapt to client's demand.
  • Production Management Application
    We has lots of experiences in developing supply chain management software for small and medium business.
  • Distribution System Management
    Specialize in Real Estate and Automobile industry.


Japanpage_Picks Application

Challenges: Sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage, first mentioned in history books some 1,300 years ago. Are there limits to how much sake can be promoted domestically and internationally with traditional PR, communication, and delivery methods? BAP not only solves the above problems,...


KINTONE – Business Improvement Platform 

Challenges: The traditional method of filling in work content check forms by hand is time-consuming and causes service implementation and reporting to take longer than it should because of the time required to retype the data for data utilization. The man-hours required to prepare...


VR Training App

  Challenge: Almost all business have training program for new employees, but they have the following issues; High cost: Transportation and accommodation costs are required for new employees to gather. High turnover rate: There is a large difference between what new employees think before...


VR Meeting

Challenges: Connecting people is the biggest purpose of any communication tool. As the development of the internet, a lot of tools helps people to chat, voice call, or video call in realtime. VR technology is bringing a new method to how people connect with...


Convert Cobol To Java

Challenges: COBOL is an old language that has existed for more than 40 years, but this is still used in many systems of business today, especially in banking and car industries. Systems have been formed since the 2000s in older platforms such as the...