Challenge: As an end-user, have you ever got trouble in creating events when you are asked to provide an account, log-in information, and many complicated steps? If you want to create a new platform that helps people to get rid of these annoying steps, BAP can help! BEENJOY is just a sample from BAP to show what we can do as an offshore development service.

Solution: BEENJOY platform is a solution for this, users no longer need to log in to create their events. Furthermore, they can generate events in 30s with 2 basic steps, this is a the reason why a lot of people use it for their events. Adding more value to BAP’s portfolio, we gave consultancy service and ideas to businesses, which they after they described their need to our in-house engineers.

Our mission is to provide the best solutions for businesses that have any requirements. We always satisfy customers in any aspects, when they just list their requirements down, we support and recommend the technologies that are suitable for their projects.

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    We are very pleased to answer all questions about Offshore development services at BAP. Please select the information you would like to find out:

    I am concerned about communication, like my detailed requests are not understood. Would it be an issue when communicating through other foreign languages?
    Not only development, can I request your maintenance service when operating the system?
    I usually care more about quality while doing Offshore. Could you ensure a high quality project?
    When I request an Offshore service, what materials and regulation should I prepare?
    I’m thinking of requesting an offshore for our specialized system. Could your company handle those special requirements?
    Can we visit your technical hub, where the software has been developing?
    I want to have an AI project. Can I request your company?
    Please tell me about your capability and processes.
    How can you assure your quality?
    How can you assure your committed timeline?
    How are your payment terms?
    How is your liquidation process?
    If there is an emergency case, what is your process to have a quick response?
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