(English) What is the Metaverse Game? Notable potential projects today 

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The metaverse race is heating up as more and more big projects appear. If you also feel this heat and want to find a metaverse game that is right for you. The following article will introduce some notable projects that you can refer to. 

I. What is the Metaverse Game? 

Metaverse games are simply understood as a virtual world game, where players can role-play and interact with each other. Unlike traditional games, the metaverse allows people to immerse themselves in a world where everything happens continuously and without interruption. 

Besides the high entertainment function, users can also earn money by trading assets with in-game cryptocurrency. 

Metarver game

Experience the virtual world in the game – Image: 24htienao.com 

II. Remarkable metaverse game projects 

1. Roblox Metaverse game 

Roblox is an innovative role-playing game world released in 2006. The game offers a metaverse platform where users can create and share games. Specifically, anything a user can imagine, a game, an avatar or a piece of property, Roblox Metaverse allows them to build. 

The game is getting better and better thanks to its strong economy. The ROBUX token helps players to convert into real money, or use it to buy avatars and participate in the experience. 

2. Fortnite 

This is a game developed by Epic Games in 2017, Fortnite attracts about 30 million daily users.  


Fortnite Season 7 – Image: epicgames.com 

There are countless games in this metaverse including exploring and fighting with other players for rewards, building infrastructure,… Fortnite is not only a place to experience the game, but players can also discover a series of interesting events. For example, concerts by superstars like Travis Scott, Ariana Grande and Marshmello. 

3. Star Atlas 

Built on the Solana platform, Star Atlas aims to be one of the first AAA metaverse games (AAA are games invested with huge budgets, consuming a lot of manpower and time). The developers of this game are using Unreal Engine 5, which allows them to create a real-time environment with cinema quality. 

Star Atlas is set in the year 2620, where players traveling to space can interact with each other, go on quests, and start their own societies. 

Star Atlas game

Star Atlas Game – Image: global-esports.news 

4. Illuvium 

Built on the Ethereum platform, Illuvium is an RPG about exploring a vast virtual world and collecting creatures known as “Illuvials”. When players win battles, they have a chance to get digital assets, including ETH. 

Illuvium has a decentralized exchange, IlluviDex, where players can trade their NFTs. 

5. The Mera 

Not as old as Roblox, not as popular as Fortnite. The Mera is a game “born late” and developed by the DeFi Warrior game team. 

The Mera is an open world game with a miniature dream society where players can transform into the version they want most. With the vision to bring many interactive virtual experiences, along with attractive features such as: Voice chat, Dating mode, NFT Land, etc. The Mera is a promising potential project this year. 

The Mera

The Mera metaverse game – Image: mera.defiwarrior.io 

III. Potential in the future 

The metaverse universe is becoming the leading technology for the gaming industry. With the huge number of players of Roblox, Fortnite, or other popular projects not to mention like Decentraland, The Sandbox,… this has proven the appeal of the metaverse game in the present. 

Besides, with the interesting experiences that metaverse brings to players. We fully believe that more and more people will join this fascinating game world, as well as many other interesting projects that will appear in the future. 


Above are some notable metaverse projects that you can add to your game list. Each game has different attractions. Are you a lover of the adventure genre? fight? or survival? Do not forget to thoroughly research the game with your favorite genre before participating. Wish you have a great experience in the metaverse world.