(English) BAP Radio – A New Internal Company Podcast For BAPers

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bap radio

Today, the first BAP Radio has been released. This is a regular broadcast on every Monday and Wednesday with the desire to update information, share stories and experiences for BAPers. We expect that BAP radio will be:

  • A new spiritual element for the BAP family in this period, helping BAPers update information inside and outside the company even when they are staying at home.
  • Connecting people together through sharing work experiences, stories of members, topics related to  technology or simple words of encouragement to work together.
  • An opportunity for everyone to receive bonuses for contributing content in order to improve the quality of BAP radio
  • Become an integral part of BAPers in the future. The scene of people looking forward to the radios is the target that the editorial board of the program wants to achieve.

The first BAP radio received a lot of feedback from BAPers. Although there are more improvements needed, the success of the programmers was that members gave the attention to the radio.

bap radio online

Hopefully everyone will continue to follow, support and contribute to make the radio more and more perfect and become an indispensable spiritual element every Monday and Wednesday morning. Let’s look forward to the next radio number.

Stay tuned!

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