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Office Relocation Announcement BAP Da Nang

Dear all,

We are pleased to inform you that starting from November 28, 2022, BAP Da Nang will be relocating its office to the following address:

[Old Address] 81 Quang Trung Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

[New Address] BAP Building, 180-182-184 Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City

[Phone Number] 0236-6565-115

With this office relocation, we aim to better meet your expectations and provide even greater efforts in serving you. We kindly request your continued support and cooperation in the future.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our valuable partners and customers who have continuously trusted and accompanied us throughout the years.

The new BAP Building is a modern and comfortable workplace comprising of 5 floors. We have created a well-designed and modern working environment that ensures comfort for our employees.

At our new office, we have emphasized convenience and availability of space. Each floor is spacious, equipped with contemporary furniture and facilities. Furthermore, to support a comfortable working environment, we have implemented efficient air conditioning systems, maximized natural lighting, and incorporated noise reduction designs.

BAP places great importance on providing a conducive work environment to enhance employee satisfaction. A comfortable and modern office not only improves creativity and productivity but also enhances job satisfaction and happiness.

With the relocation of BAP Da Nang office, we commit to continue our efforts in delivering high-quality services and solutions to meet your needs. We are confident that the new office will provide a conducive atmosphere for collaboration and contribute to the success of our partnerships.

Thank you for your attention and support.


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