BAP Ha Noi – Welcoming the new office at 6th Element Building, Tay Ho district, Hanoi

BAP Hanoi is delighted to announce the relocation of its new office to the 3rd floor, M1 lobby, 6th Element Building, Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.

The new home of BAP Hanoi spans nearly 1000m2 which features a modern and well-equipped working space with multiple open areas, facilitating convenient interaction and discussion among employees, as well as fostering a sense of cohesion in the company’s cultural activities.

Furthermore, the working area is complemented by the addition of four separate, fully soundproof meeting booths, providing convenience for employees to conduct private discussions or engage in exchanges with clients. The office is also designed with a focus on green architecture, optimizing natural light and adorned with abundant greenery, creating a fresh, breathable atmosphere.

This marks a memorable milestone as BAP Hanoi celebrates its first anniversary and signifies an important step in our development. We have condensed the three-year KPI timeline into just one year, expanding our workforce and office space.

BAP Hanoi believes that the combination of the new space, mission, and vision of BAP IT Co.,JSC will create an inspiring and innovative working environment.

BAP Hanoi, along with BAP Solution Japan and BAP Vietnam (BAP Hue, BAP Da Nang, BAP HCMC), will join forces to pursue the BAP2025 goal together.

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