SME100 2020 – BAP is honoured to be in the winner list of Fast Moving Companies Awards

Ho Chi Minh City, 19th December, 2020 – BAP Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company is honored to receive the SME100 Fast Moving Companies Awards 2020 – SME100 in the field of Information Technology by Asia’s leading business magazine – SME Magazine.

SME100 is a prestigious, international and independent award in Asia for small and medium enterprises. The award is intended to recognize and honor outstanding small and medium companies. SME100 has been successfully held in many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia since 2009. The award selects, evaluates and recognizes small and medium enterprises based on a set of quantitative and qualitative eligibility, focusing on growth (revenue, profitability and market share) and performance (quality products and services, effective practices, sustainability, community impact, and vision) to identify and recognize companies that perform well in the region. In addition, in order to select excellent businesses, SME Magazine not only reviews business data and financial statements of nominated enterprises, but also interviews leaders directly for evaluation and the most honest recognition.

SME100 Fast Moving Companies Awards 2020

Winners of SME100 Fast Moving Companies Awards 2020.

Being in the top 100 proves that BAP is one of the most successful SMEs in Vietnam, bringing the Vietnamese flag to international reach with higher pride and motivation to conquer. In order to do this, BAP has continuously created value every day. Since its establishment, BAP has proven its capacity in many aspects. In terms of Human Resources, BAP currently has more than 240 IT engineers who are proficient in foreign languages, dynamic and have a high will. In addition, BAP staff also obtained valuable certificates such as AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certificate, AWS Certified Developer Certificate, ISTQB Certificate for QC… These are commendable achievements and are motivation for the company to develop more and more in the future.


SME100 Fast Moving Companies Awards 2020.

As for Technological capabilities, BAP is increasingly demonstrating its capabilities with the application of advanced technology to outsource projects as well as product research and development. The highlight of which is Smart Fashion – The first virtual fitting room using AI technology in Vietnam in the field of fashion and introduced by TBS television in Japan. In addition, BAP also offers a number of solutions that apply new technologies such as Blockchain to life in the BTC transactional platform. This is a platform that allows users to exchange currencies through the form of coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, ERC20 Tokens. It has brought customer trust by securing transactions through KYC authentication with the most advanced security technologies.

In the coming time, BAP is aiming to become a company with a professional staff, a powerful consulting team, providing partners and customers with the best services and advice. Besides, with a global vision as our  destination, BAP will make efforts to create startups belonging to BAP Group to apply technology to life effectively and solve the essential needs of consumers.

bap in the winner list of SME100 Fast Moving Companies Awards 2020

BAP is honoured to be in the winner list of Fast Moving Companies Awards 2020.

This year, there are 612 companies nominated in Vietnam. There were 225 companies shortlisted, and eventually 38 companies were selected for the winners list. All winning businesses must go through a mandatory business performance evaluation and interview with a representative of the Assessment Council. Typically: 3D Smart Solutions Company, ABEO Vietnam, Babylons, Havas Vietnam, Cargo Care Logistics, Long Hai Security Services… For BAP, the SME100 Awards also marked the endeavors of the company over the years and especially an unforgettable year like 2020.

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