What is Offshore Company? Top 10 reputable Offshore software development companies in Vietnam 

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The concept of globalization has motivated business owner to conduct business activities all over the world. Therefore, in the field of offshore software development, Vietnam is gradually rising to show its competitive position. If you are looking for a reputable Offshore company in Vietnam, this article is for you! 

I. What is Offshore Company? 

An Offshore Company is a company incorporated or registered in an overseas jurisdiction. 

Offshore companies are also known as: Non-resident Company, International Business Company, or Exempt Company. 

For example: Famous brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google have all established offshore companies as their subsidiaries in many countries around the world. 

Offshore Company

Offshore Company is a popular type today – Image: sfconsultingbd.com

II. How does it work? 

Offshore companies operate according to the local regulations and laws of the place where it is incorporated. Usually, investors choose a foreign region with more favorable policies than their home country. Then they set up a company and start a business to enjoy the benefits of the policies there. 

Offshoring is a typical operation form of an offshore company. If you want to outsource the entire build process, you should work with a software development company rather than a freelancer. 

III. Top Offshore Software Development Companies in Vietnam 

KMS Technology 

KMS is one of the leading companies in the field of Offshore software development. With a customer-centric approach, both US-based and foreign software development teams aim to drive organizational innovation. KMS’s offshore services include: application modernization, cloud computing, AI/ML,… 


KMS provides a variety of offshore services – Image: designrush.com

Orient Software 

Orient Software Vietnam is a software developer with 16 years of experience. Orient’s offshore development center provides a team focused on delivering value to customers while saving money and time. The company also offers two specialized offshore options: Build a dedicated team and use the B.O.T model. 

Axon Active 

Axon Active is headquartered in Switzerland. The company specializes in providing offshore software development services based on Agile methodology. Axon Vietnam currently provides 3 main offshore services: Offshore development center, Offshore testing center and others (IT outsourcing service, Agile coaching). 

Saigon Technology 

Saigon Technology specializes in providing reputable and affordable offshore development services to different customers around the world, including: USA, Australia, Singapore and European countries, etc. 

The company focuses on providing outsourcing services and offshore software development using different outsourcing engagement models. 

Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology is located in three countries – Image: haymora.com


Pyco focuses on providing offshore services to customers globally. With its headquarters in Belgium, the company also has offices in the US, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Rwanda and Vietnam. 

With more than 20 years of operation, Pyco provides various offshore services: digital transformation, software consulting and B.O.T. 


HDWEBSOFT has more than 200 IT professionals bringing various solutions. In particular, the company focuses on providing offshore development teams to develop sophisticated web and mobile applications. With a team of qualified software engineers, the company has served many customers from all over the world. 


Established in 2000, the company is present in the other countries: Denmark, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Vietnam. Netcompany provides offshore teams that help develop innovative solutions that fit your goals. In addition, end-to-end digital services can benefit startups and small businesses. 


Netcompany has modern offices for efficient working – Image: de.moovijob.com 

TECHVIFY Software 

TECHVIFY is a reputable software development company in Vietnam and has a branch in Japan. The company has an innovative and dedicated team of over 250 software developers with a wealth of experience using high-tech tools to provide ultimate technology solutions to global customers. 

Beetsoft Co LTD 

Beetsoft is an IT service provider with headquarters in Vietnam and two branches in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.. The company employs more than 400 developers around the world and works on a variety of projects. For example: mobile/web application development and game development, etc. 

BAP Software 

BAP Software is a technology company based in Vietnam and branches in Japan. With more than 400 highly qualified engineers in 06 corporate offices. BAP not only develops outsourced software but also provides software solution consulting services for businesses in Vietnam, Japan and countries around the world. In particular, the company always uses the latest technology to increase scalability and optimize costs for customers. 

BAP Software

BAP Software specializes in providing reputable offshore services – Image: bap-ventures.com


Thus, above are the top 10 reputable and popular offshore software development companies in Vietnam that you can refer to. Each company has its own strengths, working processes and a variety of services for you to choose from. Therefore, it is not too difficult for you to find an offshore technology company that suits the company’s needs and financial conditions.