Game outsourcing services developed by BAP Software that you cannot ignore

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Game outsourcing services are gradually becoming popular in recent times because the needs of businesses are increasing. Not only that, but the increase in the number of startups in the game service industry is also a factor that makes Game outsourcing services play a very important role. So what is game outsourcing? What are the advantages and characteristics of this type of machining? Get the details right through the following article with BAP Software!

I. What are Game outsourcing services?

Outsuorcing Game services

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The process of outsourcing is the creation of the essential elements that form the most complete software system.

Game outsourcing services mean performing detailed development tasks of game software such as 2D or 3D configuration, character design, sound, programming, QA testing, etc.

Game outsourcing services play an important role not only for the modern video game industry but also for video game service companies. Right now, this form of outsourcing has become a popular way to cut down on the costs of creating a video game.

II. Features and benefits of game outsourcing

2.1 Characteristics

Game services

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  • Advantage

Game outsourcing services have the outstanding feature of helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency. By hiring and using outsourcing services, your business can channel financial resources to other projects to bring higher profits.

Besides, outsourcing also helps your business shorten production time because technology outsourcing companies can quickly perform these software tasks.

  • Disadvantage

The downside of Game outsourcing services is that businesses can face security risks and information leaks in the process of exchanging with outsourcing service companies.

In addition, your business may have difficulty collaborating with the personnel at the outsourcing company.

2.2. Benefits of game outsourcing

Ưu điểm của dịch vụ Outsourcing

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  • Flexibility:

Using outsourcing services at technology companies increases the flexibility that a game company gives you. Video game software development is an extremely complex and time-consuming process, so you can use outsourcing services at Game outsourcing service companies depending on your needs to reduce costs,  minimize the pressure of the workload.

  • Cut costs:

As mentioned, developing video game software is very complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. Therefore, hiring game software outsourcing services helps you cut costs for full-time personnel, without the need to hire more employees for this software segment.

  • Save time:

Hiring a Game outsourcing service helps you save time and still get the software you want. The reason is that technology outsourcing companies understand the software creation process well, and they will meet your requirements in terms of quality, the quantity of software as well as completion on time.

Instead of focusing on this segment, you can focus your human resources to develop other business areas to increase revenue and profit.

  • Benefit from specialized services:

Outsourcing companies have a lot of experience and expertise in the field of application creation. Therefore, they will provide you with high-quality, professional Game outsourcing services.

And you also have the opportunity to approach experts to answer and handle your questions and concerns about the outsourcing service you use.

III. Some of the Game outsourcing services that BAP Software is providing

Dịch vụ Outsourcing tại BAP

BAP Software is providing some game outsourcing services.

Currently, BAP Software is providing 4 Game outsourcing services, including Social Game Development and Operation, Online Game Development, VR, AR Game Development and Casual Games.

Some outstanding games are processed by BAP such as Metal Heroes, NFT Game, Kick The Man, Jumpy Vortex, Hiphop Runner 3D, Game Farm Pro, Bubble Bump…

3.1. Development and operation of social games

Social Game is one of the game areas that BAP Software focuses on developing and operating. The staff at BAP have many years of experience working in large Japanese corporations. Therefore, BAP Software is ready to receive outsourcing of electronic games from operating in Japan to transfer technology to Vietnam.

3.2. Online Game Development

For the online game segment, thanks to the experienced dev team, the online games processed by BAP Software have a high number of hits and  attract many users.

3.3. VR, AR Game Development

VR (Virtual Reality), and AR (Augmented Reality) Games are types of games that are realistic or virtual interactive games.

These games need simulation environments designed by humans through 2D, and 3D technology. Therefore, to process this type of game, it is necessary to have a team of experienced Artists and designers at BAP Software.

3.4. Casual Game Development

Casual Game is one of the most impressive Game outsourcing services segments as BAP has created games ranked 99th in the top charts of the Apple store. BAP Software often outsources games to organizations that want to create games or publish games.

Businesses that are in need of software outsourcing can refer to the products that BAP has outsourced here.


The above article is all about game outsourcing, its pros, and cons as well as the benefits that this service brings. If you need to use services related to game outsourcing services, please contact us via email

Currently, BAP Software is a unit providing high-quality software outsourcing services with the highest level of information security. Hope the above information is useful to you! Follow us for more useful knowledge!