(English) How about your mid autumn festival?

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Last week, BAP family gave Mid Autumn gifts as well as held a small event to celebrate mid-autumn festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional holiday for Vietnamese children and every year the BAP family will try to spend time making some activities for children of BAP on this special holiday to connect people after the Covid-19 pandemic.

BAP family gave Mid Autumn gifts

This year the gift for BAPers is still a mooncake with best wishes to BAPer. The Union and Company’s representatives gave these small gifts to all employees and we could see that everyone received the gifts with a happy smile.

Mid Autumn gifts

After giving gifts, all staff in Danang office could leave work early at 4:00 to take their families to the office to participate in the BAP Reunion event.

The event was held from 17:00 to 19:00 with the enthusiastic participation of numerous BAPers and children.

The folk games were organized to both show Vietnamese tradition and help connect BAPers and their families with the Company. The final prize is cute teddy bears and 800 coins – an appeal gift to encourage staff to help the children win the game.

playing the game

The winning result belonged to the blue team with a much higher result than the other teams.

After playing the game, the participants enjoy “pha co” with dishes helping BAPers returning to childhood.

event bap reunion

At the end of the event, participants took photos and helped clean the office. We hope that this event brought joy to BAPers and motivated them to work as well as engage with BAP.

bap family

Let’s look forward to upcoming events at BAP family


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