A meaningful message about self-love, confidence in one’s abilities, individual “color” was spread by BAP on this year’s International Women’s Day. Paint your own masterpiece.

If life is a painting, then you are the artist of your life, pick up your pen and create your own masterpiece.

Besides, with a bigger picture – , – is a message together, bringing together values through outdoor activities. Responding to that, the BAP’s women together participated in outdoor activities organized by the BAP family.

Relaxing moments, “wash off all the dust” after a nourishing hair wash or intimate meals with Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese specialties and fun games “Ba Ba, Ba Bay”, minigames, things The first to tenth surprise of Div and his brothers created a unique 8-3 of BAP home offices.

Once again, BAP wishes the other half of the world to always be loved and shine in their own way!

Gift from BAP office Phần quà cho những bóng hồng Khoẳng khắc thú vị Chị em nhà BAP phát biểu Kỉ niệm thật đẹp Những khoảng khắc đáng yêu của BAP Woman trước giờ khai tiệc Bap Woman checking background Một vài hình ảnh ngày 8/3 Bap woman checking in Bap woman checking in chị em nhà Bap chụp ảnh tập thể

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