On Saturday, November 5, BAP Charity Club conducted the program “Love Meal” at 10, 11 floors of Da Nang Maternity and Children’s Hospital with:

  • 180 sets of Soup with bread
  • 220 boxes of TH Truemilk

The program was successfully implemented thanks to the supportation and facilitation of the Board of Directors, the enthusiastic participation and support from members of BAP Charity Club as well as BAP’s Family colleagues.

The Northeast’s wind is coming soon, the dengue epidemic is increasing, the flow of people is rushing, faces show a lot of anxiety, it seems like at that time everyone has more things to think about. BAP’s Charity Club also wants to share a very small part of simple concerns such as “What to eat today?”, wishing you all a speedy recovery.

Once again, thank you for the kindness and spirit of conveying love to the community of the BAP family. Any love and help is greatly appreciated!

“Happiness is simply sharing ”

Hình ảnh charity trao tận tay các phần ăn hình ảnh các phần quà BAPers rất nhiệt tình gửi gắm chút tình thương trao tay các phần ăn BAPer thiện nguyện viên vài hình ảnh buổi từ thiện ai nấy đều hào hứng vận chuyển các phần ăn  nguyên liệu

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