BAP Building – BAP Office In Ho Chi Minh City

With a pioneering spirit and a commitment to continuously create an expanded and innovative working environment for BAPers, BAP Building – the BAP SOFTWARE building at the BAP HCMC branch, has officially commenced operations in the center of Binh Thanh District, with nearly 1000m2 of usable space. 

The building is designed with 3 working floors, accommodating more than 150 seats, and 2 separate floors dedicated to conference and training spaces – where ideas and high-quality products are born. 

BAP Building is constructed to professional standards, respecting the privacy of each individual. Therefore, the meeting spaces are carefully designed and equipped with the best facilities to serve meetings and group work. Additionally, the choice of vibrant color schemes reflects the youthful and dynamic spirit of BAPers in this place. 

Furthermore, BAP has reserved a special 300m2 floor with an open space design for BAPers to connect, participate in events, have lunch, and relax. 

We believe that with the new building and space, it will create an inspiring and innovative working environment. This is also a prerequisite for BAP HCMC to achieve remarkable growth in the coming years and become a crucial link in realizing the BAP2025 goals alongside BAP VIETNAM (BAP Hanoi, BAP Hue, BAP Da Nang), BAP Korea, BAP’s Partnership, and BAP Solution Japan. 

Let’s explore the BAP office in the BAP HCMC branch together!

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