BAP Trip 2019 – Together we can

BAP TRIP 2019 – A Time Together

In August, the 3-day-2-night BAP trip after hard working days was full of unforgettable experiences and  memories.

Company trip is an annual activity, and this year Hoi An Ancient Town – a famous tourist city, a highlight in the central tourist route of Vietnam –  is the destination.

8:00 am, August 24th, all employees in 3 offices from Da Nang, Hue and Japan gathered at BAP Danang office moving to Hoi An starting BAP Company Trip 2019.

Vinpearl South Hoi An was the first destination in a series of exciting experience activities.

BAP trip 2019

BAP Trip 2019BAP Trip 2019

We had two options: Wandering around Vinpearland or relaxing at Spa of Phu Thinh Boutique Resort and Spa.

BAP Trip 2019BAP Trip 2019

Night August 24th, Gala dinner

We predicted to have a sparkling colorful Pool Party but unfortunately, it rained a lot so we replaced it with the vibrant and cozy indoor party.

BAP Trip 2019

Mr. Dao Ngoc Thanh – CEO of the Company –  stated the development orientation of the company

BAP Trip 2019BAP Trip 2019BAP Trip 2019

The Board of Directors and the Company Management show the grateful to excellent staff

BAP Trip 2019

Buffet Party

BAP Trip 2019

BAP Trip 2019BAP Trip 2019

Many excellent vocalists were discovered on this occasion

The second day

Our second day started with Taichi Activity. After that, we went fishing and learned how to make Hoi An lanterns – the feature of this old town.

BAP Trip 2019BAP Trip 2019

Taichi activity brought  a sense of comfort, readability

BAP Trip 2019

Making Hoi An lanterns

BAP Trip 2019

Fishing at Lotus Lake

 Team building activity

We moved to An Bang beach by Hoi An Shuttle Bus then joined the team building activity with full of excitement. This is an indispensable activity to unite all staff.

BAP Trip 2019

BAP Trip 2019BAP Trip 2019BAP Trip 2019

The second day ended with Massage Activity in the evening and “Hoi An memory” show.

BAP Trip 2019

“Hoi An memory” – The most beautiful show in the world.

Recently, the number of BAP members is gradually increasing.

The size of the company may lead to gaps between departments and teams.

However, through this trip, we feel that the gap has disappeared and the trust, as well as cohesion among the members, is increasingly strengthened.

Where will BAP go next year? Let’s look forward to the next trip.

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