With the theme “Change and Chance,” this year’s YEP at BAP homes brought a fresh and joyful atmosphere, leaving behind many emotions after a year of collective effort and perseverance.

  • BAP Da Nang: Warmth and gratitude were expressed through heartfelt thanks to each other in each category and milestone.
  • BAP Hue: The spirit of giving it all, shouting “Huda Huda,” filled the night with enthusiasm and togetherness.
  • BAP Hanoi: Uniqueness was evident in the form of check-ins, beautiful artistic performances, and the ritual of dragon dances welcoming the new year.
  • BAP Ho Chi Minh: An intimate gathering where everyone “enjoyed this moment” and shared their journeys of 2023.

Let’s take a look back at the moments from the YEP 2023 – Change and Chance weekend at BAP homes.

#Change&Chance #YEP2023 #BAP

BAP Da Nang BAP Ha Noi

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