Oh Spring, Spring is at the front door!

BAP Charity Club’s volunteering journey this time stopped at the Shelter of Love – 18 Phan Tu.st, Da Nang.

There are 25 elderly people here, most of whom are disabled, and are cared for by nuns. Besides, the sisters also adopted nearly 20 poor students to give them a place to eat, a place to live, peace of mind to study and support their families.

 With the desire to bring warmth as well as a more reunion Tet to the elderly, sisters and students, the program “BAP – Spring of Love” has:

– Giving 25 gifts to the elderly who are being cared for at the shelter

– Giving 5 gifts to the sisters at the shelter

– Giving 5 gifts to volunteers working at the shelter

– Awarded 20 scholarships to poor students who are being raised in shelters

– Support for the home with necessities such as rice, fish sauce, salt, sugar, …

– Playing music, connect with people

– Participating in others activities with the shelter

 Once again, thank you to BAP’s Board of Directors, BAP Da Nang, BAP Hue employees and everyone who supported the program “BAP – Spring of Love”.

Wishing everyone a new year full of love.

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