Numerous gifts in Christmas Holiday

Immersed in the Christmas atmosphere, BAP Da Nang, BAP Ho Chi Minh, BAP Hue, BAP Osaka, BAP Tokyo offices are excited as well:

  • In Japan, our team went skiing.
  • In Vietnam, our team combines online and offline meetings to greet each other, exchange Christmas gifts, receive lucky prizes with technology items, valuable vouchers

Christmas in BAP

BAP Ho Chi Minh Office


BAP Da Nang Office.

Christmas in BAP Hue

BAP Hue Office.

Congratulations to the lucky BAPers; have a warm Christmas when receiving their big “gift bags”.

Quà Christmas

Technology gifts on Christmas Eve.

  1. Good BAPers received technology gifts:
  • “Jeeback G5 smart neck massage machine” belongs to Tran Le Anh Duy – TP. Ho Chi Minh City
  • “BILIBILI AKKO SWITCH mechanical keyboard” belongs to Do Thanh Cao Thai – Hue
  • “Massage gun Xiaomi Meavon Social Gun” belongs to Tran Thi Thuong – Hue
  • “AirPods Pro” belongs to Nguyen Van Truong – Hue
  • “Apple watch series 6” belongs to Nguyen Thi Tieu Duyen – Da Nang
  1. 10 BAPers won the Xmas Catcher Online Game:

– Le Quoc Dat – Da Nang

– Le Van Sy – Da Nang

– Ho Vinh Minh – Da Nang

– Tran Phuoc Son – Da Nang

– Nguyen Van Tai – HCM

– Huynh Thi To Uyen – HCM

– Le Ngoc Thang – Hue

– Nguyen Duc Canh – Da Nang

– Nguyen Ngoc Khanh – Hue

– Duong Xuan Tien – HCM

  1. Lucky numbers:

– Nguyen Huu Tam – Da Nang

  1. Excellent BAPers win 100 Quiz:

– Dao Trong Duy Phong – Da Nang

– Dang Thi Mong Linh – Da Nang

Wishing everyone has special Christmas with your love!

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    When I request an Offshore service, what materials and regulation should I prepare?
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